About Us

Booking Protect is an innovative affinity protection company that provides a complete refund protection product to its retail partners. The product is a Refund Guarantee that our Retail Partners offer to their customers for a fee, which enables the customer to receive a refund in specified unforeseen circumstances. We offer a refund that covers the total price of the tickets, travel or package which includes all service fees and charges meaning the customer always gets a FULL refund.


Comprehensive refund protection. Any booking. Any sector

Event Ticketing

Ticket Agents, Theatres, Venues, Sports Stadiums, Independent Events

Transport Bookings

Airlines, Train Operators, Transport Agents, Ferry Operators

Travel Bookings

Travel Agents, Travel Aggregators, Booking Agents, Hotel Booking Agents

Financial Services

Credit Card Providers, Retail Banks, Card Issuers

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