Booking Protect’s refund protection gives ticket purchasers the opportunity to apply for a full refund if certain unforeseen circumstances occur and they can no longer attend an event. You can find out more about the full process here.

Don’t worry, your customer has a 14-day cooling off period, so they have 14 days to cancel. After that, we can’t cancel or refund the fee because the protection has already been paid for.

We offer a full list of terms and conditions. If you are unclear about any of our conditions, our account managers will be able to answer any specific queries.

Unfortunately Booking Protect does not provide a refund if the booked event is cancelled, abandoned, postponed, curtailed or relocated. It is your responsibility as the event organiser to arrange and process refunds.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to add it retrospectively. Refund protection must be purchased during the original order.

Customers must make a refund request via Booking Protect’s refund portal. Our in-house team handles the whole process.

No. Your customers do not have to purchase refund protection – it is absolutely optional.

Booking Protect uses a flexible pricing system, meaning the cost of protection varies depending on the total cost of the order. The price of refund protection will automatically be calculated and shown to the customer during the checkout process.

The Booking Protect team will review new applications within 48 working hours. If you are eligible for a refund and have supplied all the relevant information, we will agree payment within that time.

Unfortunately a customer’s entire booking must be included to be eligible for Booking Protect’s refund protection product.