10 trends impacting the live entertainment industry

The times are always changing and sometimes we feel like they are moving faster than ever before.

That said, more often than we imagine, trends that are already evident are having the most impact on our businesses, live entertainment is no different.

That’s why over the next few weeks, we are going to look at 10 trends that are impacting the live entertainment industry and how you can approach them and deal with them effectively.

The ten trends are:

• Advances in technology.
• Greater demand for experiences over stuff.
• Destination events as a viable option.
• Consumers have higher expectations.
• The challenge of event discovery.
• Demands for more diversity of experience.
• Consumer buying power at different levels of buyer.
• More desire for exclusive or VIP experiences.
• The need to give people a sense of place.
• Consumers demand personalisation.

These aren’t the only trends that are impacting customers and the live entertainment industry, but they are things that have been poking their heads into our businesses for a while now and are likely to continue to impact how we approach everything we do for the next several years or longer.

In each of the pieces to follow, we will lay out the trend, what it means to you and how you can approach it in a way that allows you to be proactive in how you handle the trend.


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