5 Benefits of Refund Protection

Here are 5 reasons why refund protection for businesses is essential

  • Take away the stresses of refunds for your team

Dealing with refund requests, foremost the woes and complaints of customers, can be a drain on your team’s resources. Stressful and time-consuming, refunds are, more often than not, difficult to obtain as prerequisites must be proven by the customer and authorised by senior team members.

However, by partnering with Booking Protect, your business is automatically gifted more time to do what you do best as the whole refund process is taken out of your hands. Customers will know, after purchasing refund protection with their ticket, that our site is the where they need to go for a refund. For those who contact your business, we are your easy redirect for customers requiring our services, helping them get a legitimate refund on their purchase.

Our digital claims service is easy to navigate. We provide your customers with a fast and complete refund process that clearly lays out all the stipulations.

  • An additional revenue stream

A percentage of every sale of the booking protection will be added to the revenue you make off the original ticket sale. Purchased alongside the ticket, adding the option of booking protection, gives the customer the power to choose whether they want refund protection, and choosing so increases your take.

With Booking Protect, there are no set up costs or and you will start earning as soon as refund protection for your business is available. Using our trial platform, you can see how our platform can marry with your own system and test its effectiveness.

  • Maintain customer relationships and expectations

Refund protection for businesses is not new. It is a mainstay in most sectors involving ticketed events. The customer expectations of a fluid refund process and strong refund policy are real. Many customers will know if it’s missing and may well request protection.

Having successful refund protection is important for maintaining a positive relationship with customers. Often, refund requests are a difficult, unsavoury process can leave a bad taste in the mouth. Having a third party in Booking Protect tending to customers will help waylay concerns and maintain their positive relationship with your business.

Furthermore, what cannot be understated is the confidence refund protection offers customers and how effective the option is in finalising a purchase. Knowing that cancellation is an option if customers fall ill or public transport fails, can often make the difference in going ahead with the ticket purchase.

  • A great talking point

Having more things to shout about is always positive for businesses hoping to make a splash in their sector. Detailing the benefits of refund protection to your customers can be a great selling point.

Also, working with us; a business utilised and internationally respected by ticketing platforms worldwide; subsequently acts as an extension of your brand, extending your reach. Use our services to promote your company, increase your digital offering, link to our information on what we are able to cover, and improve the customer experience. The more information available to customers, the more noise your business makes, the more is expected to be reflected in sales.

  • Join the Booking Protect family

Using our platform means your business is in the Booking protect family and looked after by our account handlers. The Booking Protect family includes huge ticketing platforms and ticket sellers across a wide range of industries; including Festicket, Brighton & Hove Albion FC, Lloyd Webber Theatres, Tessitura, Wales Millennium Centre, just to name a few.

To see more of our partners, check out Who we work with.

Refund Protection for Businesses from Booking Protect

We deliver a world-leading refund protection service for ticketing businesses and ticket sellers. Our award-winning team are friendly, professional and passionate about delivering exceptional service.

Booking Protect is an affiliate member of STAR, the Society of Ticket Agents & Retailers, and we regularly travel the world meeting industry leaders and delivering speeches on the ticketing industry. We benefit from over 20 years of knowledge and experience.

Our enhanced refund terms are also underwritten by a panel of ‘A’ rated insurers to give partners complete peace of mind when working with us. So it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about offering great refund protection, but we’re also ahead of the game when it comes to customer experience too.



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