5 Core Values for Booking Protect

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Continuing our 5 star week, we’d like to explain how we maintain our 5-star standards.

To be a 5-star company, you have to have a clear vision in everything you do. Whether you are the best, or you’re striving to be the best, 5 star is about showing the dedication to go the extra mile.

At Booking Protect, we have a set of core values that drive everything we do.

These core values shape and mold every partner communication, every customer transaction, every refund handled.

  1. We’re Open, Honest and Clear

We’re open, honest and never misleading in our communications with partners and their customers. We strive to keep customers informed throughout the process of their claim and make sure that they’re treated fairly.

  1. We Lead the Way

To be the best, you have to push boundaries. You need to be ahead of the curve.

Our technology is market leading, but our CTO, Alex Saare, will never allow us to rest on our laurels. He keeps looking for ways to make the technology smoother, cleaner and easier to use.

We are constantly looking for the next way to make Booking Protect better for our partners and customers.

  1. We’re Understanding

We’re never judgemental and we treat every customer with respect and dignity. We’re empathetic; when a customer requests a refund, it’s because they’ve missed a show under what can be unfortunate circumstances. We take the time to listen and understand the customer’s circumstances so we can give them the best service.

  1. We put Customers First

We put the customer at the heart of everything we do. Every decision we take as a business, whether that’s the way we work, the way we market our product or the technology we use, is taken because it will make life easier for the customer.

We understand that without customers, there is no refund protection. We make sure that we give them a service that allows them the confidence to purchase with us again and again.

  1. We’re 5 Star

And finally, our last core value is to be 5 star in everything we do. That means whatever we do, we do the best possible job. We go the extra mile.

For Booking Protect, good enough is never good enough.

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