Stay happy and healthy in 2022 with a trip to the theatre!

Studies show that there is a significant link between the arts and improved physical and mental health.

University College London research shows that a cultural monthly trip could cut your risk of dying in the next 12 years by 30%. Now isn’t that a shocking stat to start the new year with! Cultural outings include visits to museums, art galleries, concerts or theatre trips. According to the research, those who engaged with the arts every few months were 14% less likely to die prematurely – with monthly visitors up to 31% less likely to die.

The most reasonable explanation for this is because of lifestyle choices and stress-reliving qualities and coping mechanisms. Tell us what you think here!

Artsy outings can contribute to improved physical and mental health

Experts have been promoting health benefits connected to the arts for a while now. The arts promote wellbeing, and creates opportunities for socialising and human connection – a hugely important factor in an age of social isolation (particularly amongst the elderly). Connecting with a new group of people can be particularly refreshing and beneficial, as can increasing social interactions between different groups of people (such as employees and management or different teams within one company).

Participatory arts, such as workshops or lessons, can be particularly beneficial. It allows people to express themselves, which can improve mental health. This is because increased confidence, creativity and communication lowers levels of anxiety and depression. Some projects have even reported that 76% of participants have experienced an increase in wellbeing.

Help out you and your loved ones by going to a cultural activity or two this year.

Booking Protect x Mental Health

Here at Booking Protect we strongly believe in looking after mental health and wellbeing. We make sure our staff feel looked after and offer a bespoke wellbeing programme to help them manage their mental health. We want our team to be proud to work for Booking Protect, and feel supported in and outside of work.

We also offer refund protection for people suffering with mental illness. Both physical and mental conditions can be life affecting and we know that bad days can’t always be predicted. Therefore, if you are unable to attend an event and have Booking Protect cover, we’ll be able to offer a refund. Our supportive and friendly team have been trained to provide the very best service, so you can be confident your enquiries will be treated with empathy and respect.

Read more about Booking Protect cover and get in touch if you’d like to find out more. 



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