AVConnect is on the horizon

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We’re right in the thick of event season, and as one great conference finishes, our attention turns to another.

Still in recovery mode from catching up with old faces, and meeting lots of new ones at the Ticketing Professionals Conference in Birmingham last month, we’re now thinking ahead to AVConnect at the end of April.

The conference, which is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, takes place in Toronto, Canada on April 30th and May 1st & 2nd. We’re sending some of our best people to network, knowledge share and connect with our partners.

We’re already really proud of our relationship with Audience View, and we can’t wait to represent at the conference.

If you’re wondering whether you should attend AV Connect 2019, Audience View themselves have written a blog detailing 5 great reasons for you to head along.

And to follow suit, here are 5 of our reasons for attending:

  1. More: According to the AV Connect website, this year’s conference will have ‘more deep-dive technical sessions, more networking, more user presentations and more one-to-one subject matter experts’. We love conferences and events with real value, so we’re really excited about all the extra content and activities at AV Connect.
  2. Networking: One of our favourite things about the conferences we attend is the chance to speak to people in the industry. Our product is built on people; we listen to the wants and needs of businesses and consumers, and design our product and service accordingly. We’re excited to speak to people about live entertainment and the ticketing industry and the things we can all do to help it improve.
  3. Location: Toronto is one of the world’s greatest cities, famous for its innovation, vibrant nightlife and cultural hotspots. We can certainly think of worse places to spend a few days.
  4. Passion and reinvigoration: The great thing about conferences like AV Connect, is that even if you don’t learn anything new, they’re guaranteed to spark an idea, or reinvigorate a passion that you wouldn’t have come across otherwise. So many businesses in one place creates a melting pot of ideas and styles. Even if every business only does one thing brilliantly, imagine how many brilliant things you could take from all those businesses.
  5. Appearances: Last but not least, we’re heading to AV Connect because we’re passionate about representing the Booking Protect brand. We know how great our refund protection is, and what a difference it has made for the businesses that use it, so we’re really excited about getting to the conference and talking to as many people as possible about Booking Protect.

As always, if you’re heading to the conference and would like to meet or catch up with the Booking Protect team, leave a comment on our LinkedIn page and we’ll make book a time slot to speak to you.

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