Booking Protect increases reviews by over 70% in just 9 months!

We practice what we preach! Read on to discover the importance of reviews.

In March 2019 we were delighted to see 1,600 reviews on our Trustpilot page.

As of last count, we’re up to 2,700 reviews. In just nine months we have almost doubled them. A 70% increase in such a short space of time not only shows our growth as a business, but our high level of customer service.

Even better, we’ve consistently maintained an Excellent review rating. 84% of all reviews were rated ‘excellent’ – a fantastic demonstration of the hard work of our team.

How do we receive such a large volume of reviews?

We regularly ask customers to leave us a review. Whether these are good or bad, we want to hear about our customers’ experience.

Because we respond to as many reviews as possible, our customers know we genuinely do value their feedback.

Our review highlights of the last 8 months…

“It is really worth buying Booking Protect! For such a small outlay, when the unexpected happens meaning you have to cancel your plans, it does what it promises. I have found the whole process to be very straightforward; I have been kept up to date regularly as to my application’s progress and the website is really easy to navigate and use. I can highly recommend.”

“I’m very impressed by the excellent customer service and sympathy shown to us after we had to miss a theatre show due to illness. Refund was approved and paid very quickly. Thank you.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to submit an application. My application was processed very quickly and I received a refund in a matter of days. Great communication throughout and excellent service. Would happily use again. Thank you.”

“It’s not often that a company actually offers what they advertise and make it a doable process. Thank you for the outstanding customer service and refunding my entry fee when I became injured. Will definitely insure again for future races!”

We’re best placed to represent your business

Here at Booking Protect, we work with our partners to provide refund protection. Our high level of customer service reflects positively on every partner we work with. If you’d like to talk to us about offering refund protection to your customers, get in touch.


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