Dave Wakeman’s INTIX 2019 Review Part 3 – People

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Earlier this week, I wrote a blog about the trends that I felt cut through much of this year’s INTIX conference. Today I wanted to shift my focus a little bit to focus on some of the ideas that will drive the trends forward and help all of us grow our audiences and our business over the next few months.

In part 3 of my review series from INTIX, I want to take a moment to highlight people. As I’ve discussed in my previous posts, I found a lot of trends and ideas that I think will drive the business of tickets forward in 2019.

In this part of my review, I want to take a moment to highlight some of the people that are going to be helpful in pushing those ideas forward.

Andrew Thomas: On top of being a consultant and one of the founders of the Ticketing Professionals Conference, Andrew is a real thought leader that has made customer focus and security one of his primary points of emphasis this year.

Andrew put together a really smart panel on how airlines manage the customer buying process. And, even though many of us have a tortured relationship with the airlines, there is still a lot to learn from them in upselling, engaging the buyer, and maximizing revenue.

All of this pointing towards the three big trends on display at INTIX: making data actionable and useful, driving revenue, and focusing on the customer.

Erin Koppel: Erin rolled out a session that the title alone had me jealous of: “The Value of Everything.” In this program, Erin talked about using data more wisely, analyzing data to make sure that the actions you are taking will be more effective, and managing your business with a future focus.

As the Senior Director of Enterprise Consulting with Tessitura, Erin has the chance to push ideas forward on how venues can use technology and data more effectively to drive revenue, improve the customer experience, and deliver better experiences.

Crystal Brewe: Crystal talked about the need to capture data and understand the people that are visiting you at free or non-ticketed events. Her ideas on incentives to connect with you so you can talk to them during and after their visit are really things we should all be thinking about.

With the platform of a venue like the Kimmel Center, Crystal has an opportunity to discover new and creative ways to engage with customers and develop relationships. Because the key building a better experience and generating more revenue from your venue is by understanding what your market looks like and what they find valuable. You do that by talking with your guests and learning from them.

Tamilla Mirzoyeva: Tamilla has developed ideas around using text messaging as a way to drive conversations and engagement with customers. This is pretty interesting stuff because I think almost all of us can recognize that we are more attached to our phones than we would like to be in many cases and that texting us is often the best way to hook up with us.

As a tool to be customer focused, texting has tremendous value. Just as I mentioned with regards to our attachment to our phones, this attachment means that texting is likely one of the better forms of communicating with us, especially in the days or hours just before an event.

In the same way that Andrew Thomas spoke about finding ways to drive new revenue streams on his panel, Tamilla and her team at Hustle show many ways to drive last minute revenue and engagement at a time when people are really excited about an event and more likely to pay attention to your communications.

Nick Begley: Nick has been focused on the core ideas and trends that are pushing ticketing forward for a lot of years now and his panels and sessions at INTIX just continue to put him at the front of what is new and exciting.

Over the last few months, Nick’s work has focused on a few really cool things that will grow revenue, increase customer focus, and help with actionable data collection like his panels on Millennials and Boomers.

It is only pragmatic to recognize the impact that technology has had on the way our guests experience an event. By encouraging people to share and create magical moments, you are likely to hit on a mix of all three trends and your customers will thank you for the experience and reward you with attention, information, and higher revenues.

These ideas shine through everything Nick is working on and focusing on with his work at AudienceView.            

These are just five of the people I learned a lot from at INTIX. I’m certain I missed some people. Let us know who you learned the most from.

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