Case Study: We Scan Tickets

In an effort to continue improving and refining Booking Protect’s processes, we reached out to our clients and asked them for their honest feedback. We queried them on their experience with our systems; looking at the initial contact and application options, the speed of the set-up, the simplicity of the system and then the results. We also queried them on their relationship with our account managers and whether they would recommend our service to other ticket providers.

Feedback from We Scan Tickets

We Scan Tickets is an online ticketing solution for individuals and events. They take pride in their easy-to-use software; it’s their mission to make setting up a payment and promotion platform as straightforward and accessible as possible. Ticket management and checkout is done through the use of an app, meaning We Scan Tickets is secure, paperless and exceptionally user-friendly.

We Scan Tickets have recently partnered with Booking Protect. We asked them about the process from start to finish; from how they came to know about us, to finalising the terms of the agreement.

Here’s what We Scan Tickets had to say about Booking Protect:

“Prior to Booking Protect, we were using a different protection service but we were not satisfied with the system. We had seen Booking Protect’s systems being used by a few of our competitors, and when we searched for a new system, they were very high on the listings.”

“From start to finish, the set up was fast. We had the advantage of having another service already in place, so it was really just a swap out of endpoints and a tweak to the API. All in all, a very quick change.”

“Concerning our previous provider’s service, we were not happy as it was not up to our expectations. Once the contract was up we switched to Booking Protect and so far we are very happy with their quality of service. Booking Protect stood out to us because of some of the unique features they provide as well as the quality of service.”

“Aspects that made us want to switch include their ability to cover COVID related issues and their real-time price quotation. Their responsiveness when quoting prices means we don’t have to worry about updating our system if there are any changes that might affect pricing. There were also features that we didn’t know about before switching but we were very happy to learn were available, including that we didn’t have to manually pay invoices but could instead set up a direct debit. We also like the fact that Booking Protect will inform us of any claims made – we definitely feel more confident and comfortable with this system.”

“Thankfully, the system was really easy to integrate with so we didn’t require much communication with our account manager. The whole process, from initial contact to going live, took all of two days! The system set up was extremely quick and self-explanatory, but even so, the account manager continued to ask if everything was going okay and whether we needed help.”

“Overall, we are very happy with Booking Protect’s system processes and the quality of service. We were afforded flexibility with the terms of our agreement, and so far we are very satisfied with how things are going.”

Get Involved

Thank you to We Scan Tickets for providing us with their honest feedback.

We would love to hear feedback from any of our partners as part of our mission to continue improving our service and systems. If you would like to get involved, then please contact your account handler, or follow the link below.

Or maybe you are a new customer who would like to learn more about our systems. If it works for We Scan Tickets and some many of our other partners, why can’t our systems work for you! Enquire with us here today.


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