Convert more customers by creating more perceived value

As more and more competition jumps into the leisure and entertainment industry, the challenge of getting consumers to pick us has grown exponentially. We aren’t just competing with other forms of live entertainment, we are also competing with on-demand entertainment on our phones and at home, apps, and other forms of distraction that can steal the attention we need to make the sale to our market.

The challenge for many of us is that we must find ways to differentiate ourselves and create a greater perception of value for our offerings. Here are a few ways that our experiences can drive people towards us and away from other entertainment options.

The live experience is a community: One of the great advantages that we have when making an offering to our market is that the live experience is a community, bringing people together from around the world to one specific place at one specific time to see something that will never be exactly the same again.

As an example, when I brought my family to London in November 2018 for the American Thanksgiving holiday, we took in a Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea at Wembley Stadium.

This was a once in a lifetime chance to see the third and fourth place teams in the Premier League play and the crowd around us had representation from the United States, Ireland, China, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

That’s a community of people that might never find themselves together if it weren’t for the football.

This is a huge differentiator because connecting people is one of our big selling points.

Live experiences can create memories that bring you closer to your friends and family: This goes without saying, but a lot of male bonding happens at sporting events. It also goes without saying that more and more families are choosing to take in a hockey game, a concert, or a play together.

What is amazing to see is the way that these shared experiences bond us together as families and friends.

Take for example, the Champions League semi-final between Tottenham Hotspur and Ajax on May 1st, 2019, Booking Protect CEO, Simon Mabb, took his father and his father-in-law to the match and he has mentioned more than once how powerful the experience of sharing the new stadium and the match was to him and his family.

Don’t believe me?

Think about the first time you went to a college sporting event when you were in college or your first theatre event on the West End or Broadway or of a huge touring production.

Or, even a kid’s play.

Whatever you pick, do you see how powerful the experience is and how this bond with the people you went to the show with binds you together?

This is definitely something that sells!

By definition, if it is live, it is once in a lifetime: In the age of Instagram Influencers and sharing your “best life”, more and more people want to see something that they can know is going to be once in a lifetime.

What says more once in a lifetime than any kind of live event?

Absolutely nothing.


Because no matter what, you’ll never see the same performance twice because you’ll never have the exact same crowd in the exact same space at the exact same time ever again.

Is that not shareable on the Internet?

Think about it like this.

I was surfing YouTube videos on Friday night, looking for a concert video to put on in the background while I did some writing and thinking. I found a video of The National’s show in front of the Sydney Opera House at the Forecourt.

As far as I know, that was the only time The National played the Forecourt and the images on the video were stunning. I mean, I would have given anything to be there to see the Opera House change colors while there was a fantastic concert with one of my favorite bands playing on-stage. I don’t even use Instagram that much and I’d have been Instagramming like crazy!

This is another advantage that we have, that other industries don’t. We are guaranteed to give you a once in a lifetime experience, no matter what it is.

As you think about ways to drive more people to your site and your events, it isn’t just enough to get them to your landing page or your shop, you also need to think about converting them and conversion begins by giving them something special.

The good news is we have that in abundance.


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