Amplifying customer experience at the purchase stage

At the purchase stage, customer expect a smooth and efficient experience.

This is perhaps the stage most commonly associated with strong customer experience. It’s transactional. You showcase your offer. The customer accepts. You deliver what they asked for.

It’s not as simple as a basic sell. Businesses that place a real value on customer service want to make their customers feel secure. The majority of the time, people are handing over their money and personal information to make a purchase from you. This means you need to appear trustworthy, stable and reliable.

Be prompt with post-purchase communications, whether it be receipts, delivery information or order confirmations. Delivering these quickly, concisely and with all the information a customer may need reassures them that they’ve placed their purchase with the right business.

Where you are selling through others (like Booking Protect does) make sure you take the time to ensure that your product is being offered in the right way and in line with how you want your products to be presented. You should also be mindful that you are representing another brand too. So, for example, if a customer bought refund protection for their theatre tickets, we’re not just representing Booking Protect – we’re also representing the theatre.

The customer will expect a smooth and efficient purchasing experience. Ensure you have the relevant processes in place to make this happen.

Next up we’ll take a look at what to do after your customer has already made their purchase. It’s all too easy to complete a customer transaction and call that a job done! But now you have a real opportunity to maximise customer loyalty and make a friend for life.

Do you have any examples of great customer service? We’d love to hear about them.


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