5 ways to diversify your offering

It may seem as though live entertainment venues have been closed for an eternity, but we're starting to see the industry diversify.

Theatres and live entertainment venues across the world have been forced to rethink. While full scale performances with unmasked audiences still seem a long way away, venues are gradually reopening their doors. Here are the top ways theatres are starting to diversify.

1. Backstage tours

There is a unique opportunity to open up buildings and allow patrons to have a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes.

This allows theatres to open up for smaller, manageable groups. While larger projects are being planned and rehearsals underway, this could be a great way for theatres to connect with potential audience members. After all, a backstage tour is a great way to promote your venue.

2. Streamed productions

Some customers may still be nervous of returning to a physical venue. Enjoying online entertainment might be their preferred option. Many venues are continuing to release previously recorded live performances. In some cases, such as the Old Vic: In Camera series, production companies and theatre venues are delivering uniquely created pieces for an online audience. While for many smaller outfits this may not be practicable, for many it’s a great way to continue to reach audiences.

3. Shorter shows

Many venues are reimagining past productions, or developing new work that’s slightly shorter than we’re normally used to. This allows theatres to manage smaller audiences, without the need for an interval. This removes issues such as audiences filtering out of the auditorium and back again.

With many venues desperate to get live entertainment back up and running, operating a programme of shorter events is a potential solution.

4. Theatre bars

A lot of theatres have stunning theatre bars. And, whilst in the UK venues serving alcohol must close at 10pm, some venues have still decided to diversify and open their bar area. Theatre bars are unique and characterful – perfect for an afternoon drink out. We’re seeing more and more venues – particularly smaller ones – open their doors for a drink, even if live performances aren’t going ahead.

5. Socially distanced performances

Theatres are now beginning to open back up. Though there must be space between audience members, and everyone must wear a mask, the option is there. Musicals such as Sleepless and Les Misérables are returning to the West End. As we face the strong likelihood that COVID-19 safety measures must be in place for the foreseeable, venues are expecting audiences to adapt as they do to the new way of theatrical life.

We’re so proud to see so many live entertainment venues start to get even more creative. These are undoubtedly dark times, but we’re sure the ghost light won’t be left on for much longer.

If you’d like to offer refund protection for returning customers, let us know. Our team will be happy to get you set up.