Getting ready for the event season: 5 ways Booking Protect could increase your sales

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Now that the winter blues are beginning to fade away, it’s time to look ahead and get positive about the 2019 event season. Whether you’re running a venue, an endurance race or any other type of event, this year is set to be a great one. Consumers are more and more turning away from retail and choosing experiences instead.

But to make the most of this growing audiences, you have to do the right things in the sales process. Although more people now look for events and experiences like yours, you can still turn them away if you don’t have the correct funnel in place.

In recent weeks, we’ve written blogs helping you to make the most of your sales channel. We’ve talked about capitalising on psychology, using reviews, improving your digital product; all articles designed to capitalise on the tools at your disposal.

But there’s one conversion rate optimiser that may not be at your disposal just yet. And that is Booking Protect.

If you’ve found your way to this blog by coincidence, I’ll leave you to have a look around the website to find out what we do. If you’ve already heard of us, you’ve probably seen that we increase conversion rates for our partners whilst introducing new revenue streams.

But you might not know HOW Booking Protect manages this. You might wonder what it is about Booking Protect that turns uncertain prospects into customers and advocates.

In this article, we’re going to go through 5 ways Booking Protect could increase your sales. We know that these 5 are true because they’re what our partners and customers tell us when they’re reviewing our service.

1 Elimination of chance

One of the major barriers to buying tickets for a show, event or experience is the uncertainty.

Life happens, so it’s tricky to tie yourself down to a commitment on one specific day in the future.

How are you supposed to know when you’ll get ill or injured, when the next storm will block the roads or when work are going to relocate you around the globe?

With Booking Protect, the factor of chance is eliminated. Customers can buy safe in the knowledge that if any of those things stop them from attending, they’re covered.

2 A little for a lot

When a customer purchases a ticket, they’re spending a lot with the risk that they could also lose a lot.

With Booking Protect, they’re spending very little more, but receiving a lot more security.

3 People buy earlier

If a customer doesn’t purchase ‘there and then’ (ie, they decide they want to buy tickets but want to wait until nearer the time), there’s a high chance that they won’t buy at all. Even the strongest intentions to to buy are lost or forgotten in busy lives.

With the increased peace of mind afforded by Booking Protect’s refund protection, customers are less likely to put off making the purchase.

4 Increased brand confidence

By partnering with Booking Protect, venues are telling their customers that they care about their experience. They’re projecting the image that the customer’s needs are at the top of the priority list.

The positive feeling that creates for the venue’s brand is enough to turn prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

5 The Booking Protect Brand

Booking Protect is one of the fastest growing companies in the ticketing industry. We offer our 5 star product and service to customers worldwide, for events across the experience sector.

With the growth we’ve seen and the reputation we’re building, customers are asking venues and experience providers why they’re NOT using Booking Protect. Ours is a recognisable brand that customers want to see associated with their ticketing provider.

We’re known for doing the right thing for our customers which makes us a positive brand connection for our partners.

So if you want to increase your sales…

If you’re committed to improving your sales and giving your customers a better sales experience, we’d love to hear from you. We have a dedicated team ready to give you the information you require.

Start the conversation by sending an email to

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