Great service requires the right resources

Great businesses offer great customer service

Simon Mabb, CEO, discusses the importance he places on a good client to business relationship and how to deliver great customer service:

“When we discuss customer service, a lot of times we end up thinking only about the cost of service, or the people we need to make sure we can cover customer service.

More often than not, we can forget to think about the resources we need to make sure that our people can deliver great customer service.

Here are some of the ones that we use at Booking Protect to make certain that we can deliver on our brand promise to our customers and partners:


Over the last year, we have developed an award winning technology solution that allows us to deliver customer service, at scale, digitally. This makes us stand out in the world of booking protection, entertainment, and tickets because most of the time, customer service is a long and arduous process that is marked with delays and inconveniences.

We decided that by investing in a platform of our own creation, we could redefine the customer service experience for our customers and our partners. This required investing in technology.

While you may not need to build your own platform, to ensure your team has the resources necessary to create a great customer service experience, it pays to think through what technology investments you need to make.


This resource cuts both ways meaning that your team wants more time to resolve issues and your customers want their issues resolved as quickly as possible.

One area that I think consumes too much time is in the needless back and forth between your team and the decision makers in the organisation.

That’s why we invest in helping speed up the service process by investing in and supporting an environment where people can make decisions in a timely and efficient manner.

This is going to vary from organization to organization, but it can pay to think about what is an acceptable reaction to common issues in your customer service business and giving your staff the freedom to take action.


I save this one for last because it is the most obvious one, but also the one that is often underfunded…people. You need to make sure you have enough people to deliver customer service to the standard that you demand.

Simple. If you are delivering world-class customer service, you need enough people to make sure that you can deliver on that promise. You also need to give your people the training and the resources they need to be successful. This could mean training on time management, decision-making freedom, or something else entirely.

The core concept is that you need to make sure that you put your people first, especially if customer service is a priority for your business…like it is for ours.

Do you want to learn more about our secrets of service success? Send me an email at I will discuss the keys to our service success and actions you can take to make your organization service oriented. 

For more information on our great people and great service at Booking Protect, check out our about us page.


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