How to promote your theatre venue after lockdown?

Owners and managers of venues will want to cater to this upcoming theatre-boom. Therefore, they need to promote their shows far and wide.

Theatres will be looking forward to reopening again under step three of the government’s roadmap. The provisional date for a full reopening of theatres in the UK is 21st June. Theatre’s will be allowed to open to full capacity and troupes are already prepping rehearsals.

In tandem, many regular theatre goers will be keen to catch up on the shows they’ve missed. There is a high likely those who have been working from home, who wouldn’t usually attend shows pre-lockdown, are searching for an event to restart their social lives. Owners and managers of venues will want to cater to this upcoming theatre-boom. Therefore, they need to promote their shows far and wide, attracting their patrons back as well as bring in new attendees.

What are the best ways to promote theatres productions?

Up your social media game

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even Snapchat, all are good outlets for you to market your venue and productions. The social media walls help prospective attendees keep up to date with new shows. Creating your own hashtag and using it on each post, and asking audiences to use it when attending shows is a great way to create a following

YouTube video campaign

Youtube is another great outlets for showcasing your theatre. Take a tour, preview a rehearsal or create a trailer for a production and upload it to your channel. Ideal for attracting audiences, let the personalities in your venue shine with a Youtube video. Some of the easiest film making apps include Adobe Spark, iMovie, Vont, Filmora and plenty others.

Work with a charity organisation

Give your attendees the chance to be part of something bigger. Partnering with a charity is a great way to spread a message. Two social media presences are better than one. Choose and cause close to your heart, contact the affiliated charity, and see if they would like to help you market an event where you will give a portion of the sales and ask for donations to be made. A win-win for all.

Host a networking event

Using your venue, you could host a networking event. Invite other local theatres, local authorities and events specialists. This is great chance to network and share ideas. You could invite the public and host a forum, advertising the local productions

Physical advertising

The UK’s royal mail requested a case study by Bangor University on the neuroscience behind physical vs digital marketing. They reported one of the biggest benefits of physical advertising is that studies have shown that physical media leaves a deeper footprint on a person’s memory than digital. Physical involves billboards, flyers, paper, magazines and the sides of buses. Get creative and get involved in the community, sometimes the old fashioned ways are best.

Create a package deal

Putting together a few offers into one deal that can then be sold or won is a great way to attract audiences. In the package deal you could include a ticket to the show, food, amenities perhaps a meeting with the actors or director and even a look backstage. Be creative and try to put together a really fun and informative package.

Be mobile ready

Using an app to help advertise your venue, whether it be bespoke or pre-existing, its an ideal way to notify patrons of incoming shows. QR codes are becoming increasingly popular, easy-to-use in marketing campaigns to attract traffic to your site.

Online and digital magazines

One tips is to write to a magazine and ask if they would like to write a piece on your venue and upcoming production. Magazines are a great way to advertise a venue, and a column is an ideal piece of reusable content. Consider paying for a column, or invite them to attend for free and perhaps suggest a write up on the show or the production team and director.

Optimise your website

Gain traffic to your site by optimising it for Google and Bing searches. Become the top visited theatre website in your area and direct new traffic to your box office. Look around for more SEO tips; a good website is a great tool for gaining new custom.

Incorporate Booking Protect

Customers are more likely to have confidence in a purchase if they have a back-up plan should something go wrong. Refund protection gives customers that confidence to buy. You can use our revenue calculator to see how much more ticket sales you would receive by using us. Having Booking Protect shows box office’s are legitimate and care about their customer’s experience. Its a great extension to your theatre at no extra cost, and least of all a great talking point for use alongside marketing. With Booking Protect, everyone wins.


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