Five reasons why high employee engagement is great for business

Employee engagement is incredibly important to all businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a live entertainment venue, self-catering accommodation or a theme park – if your staff aren’t happy working for you, it’ll have a detrimental impact on your customers.

We understand that many organisations are still closed to members of the public. Staff may be working part-time. Or they may be furloughed. Perhaps they’re working from home some or all of the time. Whatever your staff’s situation, it’s important you still stay in touch and do all you can to help your team.

Now’s the time to prove yourself to your team. Show you care about them, and make them feel comfortable.

If you’re an organisation that prioritises customer service (and you should), then you should also prioritise treating your staff well too. It’ll make a big difference on the way your team works.

Nurturing an engaged team doesn’t just leave your team healthy and happy. It also has a number of great business benefits, too.

Greater productivity

Employees who feel motivated and prioritised are more likely to be productive whilst at work. They’ll work harder, smarter and more innovatively to help your business. Teams who feel looked after will feel a greater affinity with their employer, thus will go above and beyond to serve them.

Higher staff retention

This one’s simple. Happy, engaged employees are far more likely to stay working for your organisation. If someone’s unhappy, they’re likely to look elsewhere. Particularly during these uncertain times, good employees may need reassurance and additional support. We know there are a million other things on your plate, but make sure this doesn’t slip through the net.

Lower absence costs

Employees across the world take sick days off when they don’t really need to. It’s obvious that those who enjoy work and respect their employer are less likely to call in sick unless they genuinely need to. Similarly, some employees may feel they need to come into work when they need time off to rest. This should be encouraged, too. No-one wants to work with an ill colleague, who could potentially infect others. Employees will be in a much better position to come to work if they have time to properly rest and recuperate.

The solution here is to support employees. If you trust your employees are happy at work, then you can trust them to tell you when they need to take time off. That’ll reduce business losses related to absences, thus giving your bottom line a boost.

Improved company culture

Every employer wants to see their workplace become a hive of excitement and activity. A strong company culture is the trademark of a great business. If your team are your company’s biggest advocates, your business will flourish.

Engaged employees will contribute to company culture, supporting other colleagues and doing their best for the business.

Better customer service

That’s right! Engaged employees are significantly more likely to deliver great customer service. That’s because they believe in the business and want to do their best. Every customer wants to interact with friendly, welcoming employees. Make sure your staff members are those people.

Don’t believe us? Here are some quick-fire stats…

So now for the big question… how can your organisation improve employee engagement?

First off, you need to find out what your employees are thinking and feeling. Find out what concerns them, and what’s preventing them from fully engaging in both their professional and personal lives. Perhaps your employees would appreciate additional advice or education on key wellbeing topics, or need extra motivation to work from home effectively. Discover how you can help, and you can put a plan in place from there.

For example, your organisation’s team may feel disconnected from one another. A weekly quiz or social event (whether online or in person) could help to bond everyone again. Or perhaps there’s underlying stress about safety measures being put into place post COVID-19. In that case, additional guidance and enhanced communication could be key to enhancing employee engagement.

Remember – your organisation doesn’t need to go it alone. Professional wellbeing companies such as We Are Wellbeing help to instil wellbeing as an integral part of your corporate culture. They’ll help to devise a full wellbeing programme and support you in delivering wellbeing services. After all, a happy and healthy team is key to delivering the service your customers should expect.

Booking Protect is delighted to partner with We Are Wellbeing to offer new and existing partners a free wellbeing package. This will help to give your team a much-needed boost. For more information, take a look at our wellbeing page.


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