It’s harder to attend an event at Christmas

The Christmas events calendar is probably already in full swing at your venue. As we edge close to December, plays, gigs, pantomimes, and sporting events are starting to sell out and your business is gearing itself up for new customers walking over its threshold.

A lot of businesses thrive at this time of year; some are even able to coast through the other 11 months on the back of what they’ve earned at Christmas.

But without stating the obvious, we must also remember that Christmas is smack bang in the middle of winter. And winter, however prepared customers may be, has a habit of putting up boundaries to participation and attendance.

Snowdrifts and icy roads may look great in festive movies, but they’re not ideal driving conditions.

Colds, flu and other nasty bugs do most of their traveling in winter.

Winter is peak season for household burglaries, vehicle failure, redundancy and unfortunately, mental illness and suicide rates.

We’re not trying to put a downer on the most wonderful time of the year, but these things must be taken into account. People can’t attend events for a whole host of reasons.

Which is why we’re keen for our partners to make the most of their fully integrated Booking Protect refund protection scheme.

Where there is difficulty in customers attending events, there is also disappointment. Imagine you had pre-booked your holiday season full of events and parties, and it turned out you couldn’t attend any of them.

It would not only leave you out of pocket, but you’d be less confident in your ticket purchases in the future.

If Christmas is a time for new customers, it’s a chance for you to show off your venue and ensure that those visitors come back time and time again. You don’t want them to associate your name with disappointment.

Refund protection doesn’t solve the winter conundrum. It doesn’t warm the roads, prevent illness or stop criminals from breaking into properties. But it does give customers peace of mind.

And if they can’t attend the event, it’s not the end of the world.

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