Starting a new job during lockdown: Q&A with Jody Hudspith

What's it like to start a new job during lockdown? We chat to Jody Hudspith to find out more!

Starting a new job is always a little bit stressful. But what about joining a new team during lockdown? The usual initiation routines such as making a cup of tea or showing someone around the office are long gone, potentially leaving new employees feeling a little left in the dark. Not here at Booking Protect. When our new Refund Administrator, Jody Hudspith, joined the team we made sure her experience was just as welcoming.

We catch up with Jody Hudspith to find out what starting a new role during lockdown has been like…

How has the onboarding process been whilst working from home? How have you got to know the rest of the team?

The onboarding process was really smooth. On my first day I had a Teams call with everyone and was introduced via video chat. It was certainly different but a good ice breaker. The team made me feel welcome from the get-go.

How are you regularly connecting with your colleagues?

We have a daily Teams catch up to outline a plan for the day/week ahead. This works well as it gives some structure to the day which I find helpful, especially working from home with all its distractions.

Is this the first time you’ve worked remotely? Has the experience been different to how you originally expected?

Yes. I have been pleasantly surprised with how good the technology has been. It has enabled me to be trained remotely by screen sharing and video conference calls.

I am a first-time mum working from home with an 11 month old so I was initially worried about how I would manage juggling home life and work life. However, I find the flexibility of working from home great. It allows me to work around the needs of my family as well as giving me some time away to focus on my work.

Do you have any top tips for people struggling to work effectively remotely?

Plan your day effectively, setting yourself goals for certain times of the day. Turn all distractions like the TV and radio off and get yourself into work mode. Eat healthily, stay active and drink plenty of water to help you feel more energized. It will give you more focus on the tasks ahead.

How do you feel remote working might impact the way employees work?  

I think remote working works for some but not all, so I think that it’s been a welcomed opportunity for many to experience. Personally, I still prefer an office environment. At least now we know that it can be done and that it’s an option in the future for organisations to explore.

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