Enjoy live entertainment from home

Looking for ways to watch great live entertainment from home? Check out these great links!

Watching live entertainment from home is not a new concept, but it’s becoming more popular at the moment.

COVID-19 is causing understandable chaos around the world, with theatres, arts venues and live entertainment hubs all temporarily closing their doors. 

This means, for live entertainment lovers, there is going to be a significant lack of arts and culture… or is there? In true industry style, theatres and live entertainment venues have been working tirelessly to find new and innovative ways to keep people engaged and entertained. Find out how to watch live entertainment from home…

Stream live entertainment online

Many theatres and arts venues are streaming shows online, and there are a number of digital streaming services available too:

For an up to date list on various live entertainment you can watch online for free, keep an eye on the WhatsOnStage website

Keep in touch with your local venues

Many arts venues and theatres are releasing recorded versions of their live shows. For example, Harrogate Theatres recently uploaded Jack and the Beanstalk to their YouTube channel for a limited time only. Hampstead Theatre have also uploaded a range of content to YouTube to enjoy, and Royal Court Theatre have released Cyprus Avenue to watch online too. 

Other local venues are also running virtual quizzes, open mics and digital live performances. Now’s the time to support local venues. Follow your local theatres and art centres on social media to find out what’s going on. 

Be creative in your search

Creative people are known to tackle any difficult situation with passion and positivity. Initiatives such as The Show Must Go Online provides an entirely new artistic experience. 

Stars in every sector are also getting involved, streaming live performances online as part of various fundraisers. Social media feeds such as The 24 Hour Plays offer the opportunity for artists in the creative community to share their work and network virtually. 

Many famous musicians are also entertaining fans online. Social media gives everyone a unique opportunity to connect and enjoy music, theatre and live performance digitally. Follow your favourite bands and musicians to stay in the loop. 

Watch your favourite movie musical 

Nothing can beat live theatre, but luckily there have been plenty of film adaptations of some of the world’s favourite musicals. Many of these are available on streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, or available to buy online. 

If you read our blog about the Booking Protect team, you’ll know some of our favourite musicals. Cat and Leah can watch their favourite musical, The Lion King, on Disney+ along with a whole host of other Disney musicals (such as Liam’s favourite, High School Musical). Brodie will be enjoying the film version of Les Miserables, Abi will be getting the popcorn out to enjoy West Side Story and Cath can sing along to Mamma Mia! 

Keep positive

You might be using our current climate to learn a new skill, try new activities or catch up on TV programmes you’ve always wanted to watch. But it’s important to channel your creativity and keep up to date with arts and culture. 

Like us, we’re sure you are welcoming the world returning to normal and theatres and venues opening their doors once more. In the meantime, do look after yourself and prioritise your wellbeing and safety. We hope the links above will give you plenty of inspiration for shows and performances so you can enjoy live entertainment from home.


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