Maximising post-purchase when things go right

So you've achieved great customer service. But how do you make sure customers spread the word about your business?

Getting customers to talk about positive experience is no mean feat.

It’s unlikely someone will become an advocate for your business without a little persuasion. Unless you really have gone above and beyond to help them.

To maximise the number of positive comments made about your business post-purchase, particularly through review sites, you need to actively encourage customers.

70% of customers are willing to leave a review, with around 50% doing so when asked.

Customers are highly unlikely to take time out of their day to say something positive, without being prompted or motivated. Yet their positive experience is something we need them to shout about to improve ratings.

How do I get my customers to leave reviews about my business post-purchase?

Ask them!

  • Send prompts after purchase with personalised responses
  • Turn customers into advocates. When someone has a positive experience, make sure you capture it
  • Promote feedback from your customers

Only 6% of Booking Protect’s total reviews were received organically. The rest comes from personalised invitations. This proves that customers will tell you what they think, if they know their feedback is valid and will be listened to.

Don’t just bask in the glory of your reviews. Learn from them. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it gives you an insight into how people are experiencing your service which can help inform your future processes.

You should also reward customers for being loyal. If you have a customer who has had a positive experience, encourage them to come back. Respond to their comments and make them feel like a valued customer. By rewarding loyalty and giving back to customers who say positive things, you turn that positive customer into a dedicated brand ambassador.

A database of positive reviews and testimonials is a true showcase of your business’s values and performance. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to capitalise on this form of promotion than any other form of brand or product building.

If you’d like some more advice about how to build up your brand using review sites, contact us on LinkedIn.


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