Meet the Team: Chris Webb

Chris is our newly appointed business superstar at Booking Protect. We talked to Chris to learn a bit more about his past work experience, hobbies, music taste and what his perfect Sunday looks like. You’ll never guess what his favourite TV show is! It caught us by surprise.

What is your role at Booking Protect?

Business Development Manager

Where did you work before Booking Protect?

Previously I was a Business Manager at Peugeot Worcester. I have over 9 years’ experience in various roles, markets and countries. I enjoy relationship-selling, which is why I was so keen to come to Booking Protect and start building those relationships

What are the elements of your job you enjoy which others wouldn’t necessarily know about?

Working internationally. The clients at Booking Protect are from all over the world, and so I hope to travel and network at conferences in far-off places; wherever I’m needed really, I’m a bit of a nomad.

What is different at Booking Protect which you haven’t seen working anywhere else?

I enjoy the team-based environment. I enjoy a ‘work hard, play hard’ work ethic, and I definitely think Booking Protect also subscribe to that.

What’s the best festival or music event you’ve been to?

‘Annie Mac Presents’ in Malta. There was so much going on! Boat parties, castle parties, you name it. Absolutely loved the whole experience. Sad to hear she’s not on Radio One anymore, must try to catch her next tour soon.

What’s the one festival you’d like to go to?

Burning Man in Vegas. Or Glastonbury but I suppose everyone says those two don’t they.

What’s your favourite album?

Oasis – What’s the Story Morning Glory.

Do you have a secret hobby?

I studied Psychology, Business Studies and Economics. So you could say mindfulness, and also learning how to read people.

Oh and during the pandemic, I delivered weekly shops and medical prescriptions to those who were self isolating.

What’s the best moment while working for Booking Protect?

Meeting the team! They’ve all been super welcoming. I’ve had a face to face call with my colleagues all across the country as well as my office-mates in Worcester.

If you were an instrument, what would you be and why?

A didgeridoo, a homage to my time in Australia.

What was your first job and how old were you?

Car sales was my first job. I set an new company record for most profit made in one month in just my third month selling. The manufacturer recognised me and sent me to a vehicle launch event – very proud of that one.

What’s the furthest place you’ve gone away from home?

Australia – I lived there for 2 years and loved it! And yes, the monsters are as big as they say they are.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Cheese and Wine. Ever tried Worcestershire Gold with a Merlot? You are missing out.

What’s something you can’t stand?

Being unproductive. People who don’t answer their phones. Adverts. I can go on….

What is your perfect Sunday?

A good walk followed by just chilling out with lots of food. (Preferably cheese and wine…)

What’s the one show you would recommend as a must-watch?

One Strange Rock if you have any interest in space or the planet.

Great job Chris, no doubt you’ll settle in just as fast as you’ll get going! If you’d like to contact Chris, please connect with him via Linkedin or message us through our Contact Us page.



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