Meet the team: Introducing our CEO, Simon Mabb

As part of Booking Protect’s 5-star week, we’re introducing you to 5 members of the Booking Protect staff that make this company tick.

The first of those 5, is our very own CEO, Simon Mabb!

Many of you may recognize Simon from various conferences throughout the United Kingdom and the States. But for this article, I thought I’d ask Simon a few questions to find out what makes him so passionate about Booking Protect, and what motivates him outside of work.

Interviewer: Hi Simon, I don’t think we need to go over too many of the basics for this interview, but I think the readers would like to know why you are so passionate about Booking Protect and refund protection.
Simon Mabb: I think refund protection in general is so important because ‘life happens’. We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve missed a show or we can’t make an important event. At Booking Protect, we see all sorts of refund reasons (some of which are very funny by the way) and it makes you realise that sometimes the universe just does not want you to attend.

There’s no replacing a lost experience, but we can take a lot of the edge off by making sure customers get some money back in their pocket.

I: The idea of refund protection seems like a no-brainer, but how do you think Booking Protect have become world-leading in the field?
SM: I don’t think there’s an exact science to it. When we started the company, we had this vision that everything we did was going to be with the customer in mind. It’s not rocket-science that you should be good to the people working with you.

I would say my role as CEO of Booking Protect isn’t about winning big deals or smashing sales targets (although that is nice) – it’s enabling my great team to make a difference to our customers. As a company, we’re completely customer-centric. We are all passionate about helping our customers.  We put ourselves out there with our customer reviews to be transparent which isn’t something our competitors had done before.  Interestingly, they are now all copying us so it was clearly a good decision.

I: It’s clear that you’re passionate about your customers; would you say your biggest achievement here is something to do with customer satisfaction?
SM: Absolutely – we’re the only refund protection specialists to be voted #1 by our customers on TrustPilot. For a customer-centric business, those are the targets you love to hit. It’s been amazing leading this team of people to be market leaders.

I: I think that’s all we need to know about work – let’s get to the juicy stuff! What does Simon Mabb like doing away from work?
SM: I’m a big motorsport (formula 1 and rallying fan) and a huge Tottenham Hotspurs Football fan. {Interviewers note: for our American readers who aren’t sure who Tottenham Hotspurs are – they’re the Chicago Cubs of soccer; a big name who haven’t won anything in forever. Although actually, the Cubs won in 2016, so maybe they’re not like Tottenham at all).

As well has being a Dad and being bossed about by my 8 year old daughter, I help out the RAF Air Cadets, being the treasurer of a local unit having been a serving officer before that.

I: And finally, this is the start of the fun season, so tell our readers something funny about yourself (you can’t tell them you’re a Tottenham fan again though).
SM: When part of the RAF Cadets I was once arrested by the RAF police as one of my team had left a first aid kit in the sports gym of this RAF station.  I had to go and collect it and found that when I arrived the Bomb Squad had been called and when I collected the kit I was then arrested.  I was released a few hours later when it was clear what had happened but it wasn’t the best day!

Thanks Simon!

And thank you to everyone reading this interview. Stay tuned tomorrow to meet another member of the team.



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