Meet the team: Introducing our CTO, Alex Saare

A business is only as good as:

A) Its staff

B) The technology it uses

As a company that’s become world-leading in refund protection through our use of technology, we know that better than anyone.

So I’m delighted that for this ‘meet the team’ instalment, I get to introduce you to Alex Saare, Booking Protect’s CTO.

I apologise now if anyone isn’t a Star Trek fan – I didn’t understand that answer either (you’ll see what I mean):

Interviewer: Hi Alex, thanks for joining me today. You’re a founder and CTO of Booking Protect. Now, I’ve heard the term ‘CTO’ lots of times, but what exactly does it mean to you?
Alex Saare: My job is to ensure staff have the tools to do their jobs effectively. Booking Protect is built on ease and efficiency, so ensuring that the systems work and are the best at doing what they need to do, is my number one priority.

I: You’ve helped turn Booking Protect from a start-up company to the number one refund protection provider in the world. How do you think you’ve been able to achieve that and what is it that sets Booking Protect apart?
AS: To start with, we have a great offering. Refund protection affords people peace of mind and an enhanced customer experience. But I think the flexibility of what we do is also a massive factor as well as our outstanding customer care. You can’t have a great offering without a great service, and vice versa.

I: What’s your biggest personal achievement at Booking Protect?
AS: It’s a team sport at the end of the day. So my biggest achievements are ones I share with my colleagues: delivering a global platform for both sales and claims.

I: What about away from work – what does Alex Saare get up to in his spare time?
AS: Martini is my tipple of choice. I like to unwind by sipping on a glass whilst reading Sci-Fi books in the bath.

I: So you’re into your Star Wars and Star Trek and that kind of thing?
AS: Absolutely, in fact, I made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs {interviewers note: your guess is as good as mine}

If you’ve only just caught up with our 5 Star week, you may have missed our interview with Simon Mabb (Booking Protect’s CEO). Stay tuned to meet more team members later in the week!



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