Meet the Team: Patrick Sheerin

What is your role at Booking Protect?

Group Content Marketing Executive.

What are the elements of your job you enjoy which others wouldn’t necessarily know about?

I actually really enjoy a good excel spreadsheet. My role mainly involves transforming industry insights and relevant news into digital copy for the Booking Protect website. This requires having to be quite creative, but when it comes to analytics, I like things to be formulaic – and that’s when my love of spreadsheets takes over.

What is different at Booking Protect which you haven’t seen working anywhere else?

The culture in the office is better than anywhere I’ve been before. The teams are always communicating and working together on projects. And because the business is growing, its great to feel needed in such an exciting, important time.

What’s the best festival or music event you’ve been to?

I’ve seen Gorgon City twice but I’d have to say Sigma.

One you’d like to go to?

I’m going to Primavera in Barcelona next year but I really want to go to Snowboxx in Morzine, France.

What’s your favourite album?

Difficult one. Either Mechanical Bull by Kings of Leon, or Currents by Tame Impala, or True by Avicii.

Have you ever been on the stage? What’s your proudest performance?

Yes I used to think of it as a career path, I did it a lot up until the first year of university. My proudest performance was probably on stage in Debrecen in Hungary, or at the West Yorkshire Playhouse playing Touchstone in As You Like It.

What’s your secret hobby?

I’ve taken up the ukulele recently, I don’t know why. I also have a collection of Rubik’s cubes.

What’s your best moment while working for Booking Protect?

When the whole team got together and had a social outing after hours. We had a great time – I got to know the team much better as I was relatively new back then, and we got the chance to let loose and throw some shapes.

If you were an instrument, what would you be and why?

I’d be a saxophone. They are cool, loud, will impress with a riff and can own a solo in any song.

What was your first job and how old were you?

I was 15 and I worked on bungee-jump trampolines. 12 hour days and paid a pittance.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Musicals. Or theatre but I am very critical.

What was your favourite TV show 20 years ago?

The Batman Animated Series. We still have them on VHS.

Are you a big gardener?

Not really. I built a pond but that’s about it.

What’s something you can’t stand?

People being bad at sport or too slow when playing games.

What is your perfect Sunday?

Get up early for a golf competition at a royal golf course, play a four ball with my dad, grandad and uncle, or with my friends. Win the competition and spend the winnings on a party with my teammates. Then quickly off to a football match at Old Trafford, before finishing the party late into the night with absolutely no plans the next morning.

If you could recommend one event that is a must-watch, when and where is it?

The Olympics is quite special to be a part of. But maybe a World Cup or Champions League final would be more euphoric.



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