Meet the Team: Vikki Padfield

Vikki is Office Manager at Booking Protect, working from the Leeds-based offices. Vikki is a long-standing integral member of the team; the business, the team and her vested interests in live music and popular events are what drew her toward working at Booking Protect. We sat down with Vikki to learn a little bit more about her background and hobbies.

What is your job role?

Office Manager

Where were you before Booking Protect and How did you find us?

I was at Yorkshire Bank but moved to Allianz as an underwriter and saw an opportunity to become a Team Leader. But with the office closure, I moved with my employer to a firm in Horsforth, Leeds, where I was made Accounts Team Leader. I was then approached by a representative at Booking Protect, and chose to work with them. I chose a refund protection business because its so much more interesting and different day-to-day than basic insurance.

What are the elements of your job you enjoy most?

My role is the most varied roll out there. Its so hard to pick out one aspect because I enjoy all areas of my job.

Best festival or music event you’ve been to?  

I’ve gone to lots of music events so again, its difficult to choose. Either Madonna or Michael Jackson were the most memorable. I’ve also been to see Take That around 5 times. Most recently I saw Ed Sheeran as well as Ibiza Orchestra Live.

One you’d like to go to?

Coachella. It’s definitely on my list.

What’s your favourite album?

I don’t really listen to albums. I mostly listen to music on the radio. I’ve got the radio on all the time in the office, but its so repetitive I have to keep changing the channel.

Have you ever been on the stage?

No. And you won’t see me getting on it anytime soon.

Do you have a secret hobby?

Not really a hobby as such, but I enjoy watching a good series when I get home from work, I’ve run out of stuff on Netflix. I’m really into thrillers and crime documentaries. I love a show where you watch it throughout the week, and every day you think someone else is the murderer. I like S.W.A.T. on Netflix even though it’s a bit soapy. I’m into my hard-boiled detective shows, not soaps.

Best moment while working for Booking Protect?

We went to Las Vegas for a work conference and it coincided with my 40th birthday. I’d only been working for Booking Protect for 3 months and it was my first conference. While we were there we went to a Drag Queen show and stayed opposite Caesar’s Palace. We watched the water show at the fountains of Bellagio.

If you were an instrument, what would you be and why?

A violin classy and subtle, not easy to learn but works well when you do. Works well solo or in an orchestra.

What was your first job and how old were you?

Well, I started working at Yorkshire bank when I was 18. But I did work in a shoe shop when I was 15. The less said about that, the better.

Furthest place you’ve gone away from home?

I’ve been to Las Vegas and Texas for conferences with Booking Protect, as well as Denver, Miami and New York, New York is my favourite place and hopefully will be going back in October.

Eastwards, I’ve been to Dubai on a family holiday. We stayed in The Atlantis and visited the Burj Khalifa. Dubai surprised me in so many ways. I think how clean it was but also how new everything was. But I wasn’t really sure to expect to be fair.

Are you a big gardener?

No I have a gardener. I’m rubbish at it.

What is your perfect Sunday? 

I need to wake up feeling fresh, so I’d go for a nice walk. Good weather, a really relaxing time. Then probably go for lunch with my family. And out somewhere special for tea. I like to just chill out and not stress too much on a Sunday.

If you could recommend one event that is a must-watch?

I was meant to go see the Book of Mormon. I’d recommend that to anyone, and hopefully I’ll be able to see that soon too.



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