Myth busting with Booking Protect

The Booking Protect team love helping our partners. Signing up to any new service can be daunting which is why we support our customers every step of the way. We understand and empathise with any concerns, and always do our best to answer queries honestly and up front. 

To skip the small talk, we’ve put together a list of the most common queries we receive from organisations considering partnering with us. Let’s go myth busting.

We don’t offer refunds. How can you help?

We love working with organisations that have a ‘no refunds’ policy! Booking Protect acts as an extension of your Terms and Conditions, so your customers can ‘add on’ refund protection should they wish. By working with Booking Protect, you can start to offer refunds without changing your policy. Furthermore…  

  • Even when refunds are paid out, you keep all of the ticket income
  • It’s completely free to work with us 
  • In fact, you generate extra revenue by keeping a share of refund protection sold
  • Your customers feel more confident in making advance bookings, knowing they can claim a refund if an emergency arises 
  • There’s no need for any awkward conversations about refunds with your customers – just refer them to us!
  • Our friendly team looks after all claims and makes refund payments directly to the customer. We’ve got an Excellent Trustpilot rating which proves how much we care

We offer a ticket exchange scheme for a fee. Why would we need to offer refund protection, too? 

Dependent on the terms and conditions of your ticket exchange scheme, last-minute exchanges or cancellations may not be possible. For example, should someone be made redundant or forced to relocate, they may prefer a full refund rather than a ticket exchange.

Offer customers additional flexibility by providing refund protection, too. Your organisation won’t miss out on your ticket exchange scheme fee, as you’ll get a percentage commission on all refund protection sales too. 

We are a software company – we don’t get involved with refunds. Our clients handle them directly. Why would Booking Protect benefit us?

Working with Booking Protect can improve your offering to any clients that sell tickets. By enabling them to offer refunds with no risks to their income, they’ll sell more tickets and have happier customers. In turn, they’ll be happier customers of yours! 

Plus, when you integrate our API into your solution, we share the revenue generated with you. There’s no charge to offer refund protection to your clients – just revenue and custom to be gained. 

Offering refund protection isn’t a priority right now. Should it be? 

As we’re coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to claim a refund is a key factor in customers deciding to book tickets in advance. 

We’re sure your Box Office team will appreciate the option to pass on difficult or sensitive requests to a specialist partner who are able to help the customer. This will keep your team happy and save them valuable time too. 

If offering refund protection seems like a ‘later down the line’ consideration, we’d advise you to think again. Many of your competitors may be offering refund protection and, in our competitive landscape, you don’t want to get left behind. 

Booking Protect sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

It sounds good, but it’s definitely true! Working with us is simple. We provide a great additional service to your customers, and you make additional revenue. Take a look at our partner testimonials and reviews directly from the people who’ve worked with us. 

We have a great relationship with our customers and want to maintain that. How can we trust you to look after customers on our behalf? 

Our business depends on us upholding your high standards. Our friendly in-house team processes all refunds within 48 hours, but we’re available to help customers whenever they need it. Have a look at our 3,000+ excellent Trustpilot reviews to find out what real customers have to say about us. 

We consider ourselves guardians of great experience, and that means delivering the exceptional service your customers are used to. 

Do you cover anything to do with the coronavirus?

Yes, we do! Booking Protect will provide cover if a customer or a member of their immediate family falls ill & has a positive coronavirus test and has to self-isolate (if the quarantine period covers the event date) provided you can evidence this. Unfortunately we can’t provide cover for self isolation requested by the government’s Track & Trace system or if you need to self isolate for any other reason.

Remember – as the situation around coronavirus is always changing, this is intended as a guide only and may be subject to change – for our most up to date terms & conditions relating to coronavirus, you can read more here.

Our customers don’t want refund protection. Why should we bother?

Our research tells us differently. On average between April and June 2020, up to 40% of ticket purchasers bought additional refund protection. 

At a time when everything is so uncertain, customers want security and flexibility. You can provide that through working with Booking Protect. 

Surely working with Booking Protect will take up a lot of time?

Integrating our platform with yours is quick and simple. It won’t take up too much time and resource. In fact, we’ve gone live within weeks for many of our partners! 

You may be concerned your Box Office team will be spending too much time fielding enquiries about Booking Protect, too. But don’t worry, working with us is simple. We provide all the information you (and your Box Office team) will need to answer enquiries quickly and easily. Think about how much time your team currently spends discussing refunds – we’ll take that hassle away. 

We’ve used other refund protection partners the past and it resulted in unhappy customers. How will Booking Protect be any different? 

With an Excellent rating on TrustPilot, we pride ourselves on delivering great service to customers. We don’t want to be tarred with the same brush as other providers. Booking Protect exists to offer something different, and something exceptional. Give us a chance to prove it!

Won’t offering refunds encourage people not to attend? We want a full house. 

We only accept refund requests that meet our specific terms and conditions. Simply having a change of heart isn’t one of them. If a customer makes a valid refund request, it’s almost certain they wouldn’t be attending your event under any circumstance. Whether they had refund protection or not. Therefore, give your customers a break! Life gets in the way sometimes, and it’s so disheartening to miss out on an event you’re looking forward to. At least having refund protection gives your customers the option to enjoy a different experience later down the line. 

It’s also worth mentioning that you won’t be left out of pocket by offering refund protection through Booking Protect. You’ll keep the full ticket price paid by the customer – we’ll deal with the pay out. So you’ll not only keep the ticket revenue but we’ll also give you a share of our refund protection sales. 

Why should I add yet another fee for the customer, including booking fees etc?

Refund protection is optional. It’s a simple yes or no tick box, giving your customers complete flexibility and empowerment to make up their own mind. So you don’t need to worry about fees, as customers can simply choose not to add refund protection to their purchase. 

We hope that clears things up!

If you have any other questions, or would like to chat to our lovely team, our inbox is always open. 


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