Post-Lockdown Summer Festivals: Will I get a refund on festival tickets?

Can I get a refund if I or someone I know gets COVID-19? At Booking Protect we try to make it as simple and effective as possible.

The UK government has announced the roadmap out of lockdown, and summer looks a lot sunnier for festival fans.

This weekend, many popular venue released summer festival tickets which saw record sell-out times. Large festivals including Reading and Leeds, Latitude and Newsam Park sold at a smaller capacity. A wave of buyers are keeping their eyes glued to Twitter for updates on the Isle of Wight festival and Glastonbury.

But what happens if things change, if the government does another u-turn, or if the festival is cancelled?

Can I get a refund on my festival tickets if I or someone I know gets COVID-19?

These are the questions and concerns customers are pondering having already snapped up their ticket. So, whether you’ve pre-purchased your ticket or you are considering treating yourself this summer, read up on the stipulations to claiming a refund.

What if the festival gets cancelled?

With the climate the way it is, cancellation is much more likely. Virus spikes, government u-turns and bad weather are all possibilities. Every festival is different and may therefore have a different stance on refunds.

If you have purchased a ticket and the organisers cancelled the event, it is more than likely you will receive some if not all of your spend back as an automatic refund. In this scenario there would be no need to get in touch with us, the promoter or the festival as people will be working to resolve the mass refund process.

Ticketing agents like Festicket release funds fairly quickly with a processing time of only 3-5 working days. However many festivals choose to postpone rather than cancel, saving their fixed costs. In this case, you would not receive a full refund. Ticketing agents and promoters will often keep buyers informed with regular updates as to progress they are making to repurpose the festival.

What if I can’t go to the festival?

If you cannot get the festival due to an unforeseen circumstance, you may be entitled to a refund. These circumstances include accidents, injury, illness, pregnancy, redundancy or death. COVID-19 is included in a list of coverable reasons and you may be entitled to a refund if either you or someone close to you contracts the coronavirus. You are also protected against vehicle failures, adverse weather conditions and home emergencies.

The refunds are possible through Refund Protection, a service purchased from Booking Protect alongside the ticket. Our service can also cover all elements of a booking, including tickets, travel and accommodation. Booking Protect offers the widest range of cover to give your customers total peace of mind.

Booking Protect’s refund process

At Booking Protect we try to make it as simple and effective as possible. Follow the steps to stay protected when purchasing festival tickets:

  1. Ticketing agent activates Booking Protect at no cost, offering refund protection to customers.
  2. Customer purchases festival ticket and adds refund protection.
  3. Something goes wrong, a family member gets COVID or the car breaks down.
  4. Customer requests a refund at Booking Protect.
  5. The Booking Protect team process the refund.
  6. Refunds are paid within 48 hours.

In today’s climate of uncertainty, it is essential to buy Booking Protect and cover against any financial losses. Refund protection costs often only a fraction of the price of the ticket and can save months of bother in the event of a claim.


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