Prioritising employee wellbeing

It can be tough to manage employee wellbeing when the whole team's working remotely. Take a look at these great tips to help your people.

Andy Romero-Birkbeck, Founder of We Are Wellbeing

It’s tough for employees to manage their own wellbeing when working remotely. As businesses become more likely to flex office working and remote working, it will become even more challenging for people to receive the full employee wellbeing support they need.

Organisations can support employees by offering a programme of wellbeing services. No, this doesn’t just mean free fruit or a beer fridge on Fridays. Most people have had quite enough of that while working from home.

Supporting your employee wellbeing

The key is to truly listen to employees and discover where they feel they need the most assistance. Maybe your team is struggling with managing a nutritional diet while working from home. Another team across town may need more help with managing finances. How can you know how to target your wellbeing efforts, if you don’t know what help your team needs?

From arranging wellbeing webinars to training your management team, it’s important wellbeing remains at the heart of your workplace culture. Don’t let standards slip if you are managing a team remotely. Invest in an Employee Assistance Programme or annual health checks to demonstrate your real commitment to improving your team’s wellbeing.

During such financially challenging times, it’s easy to put any investment such as wellbeing services to the back of your mind. But the ROI can be great. A happy and healthy team has lower absence rates, higher productivity, better performance and a greater chance of staying loyal to your business (which obviously lowers recruitment costs).

Working with the experts

There are also services available that can directly help push your business goals forward and help not only your people, but your organisation to thrive. Motivational Maps, for example, help you to discover what motivates your team and your business. So if you’re looking to renew an action plan for a post-coronavirus era, now’s the time to discover how best to motivate your people and drive your business to success.

Your team might be remote working, heading back to the office, or planning a healthy mix of the two. Don’t forget that all team members will be experiencing anxiety and uncertainty during these challenging times. A motivational email or virtual team catch-up simply won’t be enough to help them to truly manage their wellbeing effectively. As an organisation, it’s your responsibility to put robust plans in place now to support your people through these changes.

Improve your workplace wellbeing

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