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Refund Protection Customer Reviews

I had excellent service from Booking Protect having to cancel tickets to two shows due to breaking my wrist. My money was refunded very quickly.

When I purchased the tickets from a third party, luckily I had been told about Booking Protect never expecting to need it so thankful I took it out we never no what is round the corner. Wouldn’t hesitate to use them in the future.

Couldn’t attend a festival due to medical reasons. Had no issues getting a refund. Top service!

Amazed at how quick my request for a refund was acknowledged and processed. I received the full refund in a matter of days.

Due to health problems I have not been able to attend a festival. Both Ashley and Simon have been very efficient in solving my problem. Exceptional service, quick responses and very friendly. Thank you very much!

Interaction was polite and efficient refund was processed quickly and received promptly. No queries with evidence provided. System was user friendly and updates were available to see when you logged into your account.

Got a refund on my ticket due to COVID have to say thought would be a nightmare but was surprised by the speedy responses, updates and getting the refund. Glad I paid for booking protection thank you.

Very efficient website and straightforward interface. The messaging part kept me informed and was easy to use with very helpful people at the other end. The whole process was as easy as it could be which is much appreciated, especially because I was in very stressful personal circumstances.

I took payment protection out for peace of mind at the current time but was gutted when I had to make a claim. I expected a lot of hassle to make a claim but instead was pleasantly surprised. The claims process if you had the required documentation – which you would have had to hand – was an easy process.

The communication received was great – timely, replied to with compassion and to me as a person and not just a claim, easy to understand and informative. The refund was paid promptly. I couldn’t fault it. Thank you to Alex and Booking Protect!



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