Refund protection worldwide – why we love working with clients around the world

We work with customers across the globe to provide refund protection. This blog takes a look at how we've built an excellent worldwide reputation.

From Europe to Australia, we work with customers across the globe to provide refund protection. Though many of the Booking Protect team is based in the UK, a huge number of customers are based in the USA or other parts of the world. As a technology-focussed business, we’re able to work flexibly to provide the best possible service to our global customers.

In case you haven’t heard, we recently announced we have partnered with Zaiko, our very first customer in Japan. And this is just the start of Booking Protect building our worldwide reputation.

The benefit of being a global business

We work with clients across the world to deliver exceptional refund protection services. Our tool seamlessly integrates into our partner’s purchase flow. Put simply – we’re really easy to work with.

Whether your business operates in dollars, euros or roubles, we can work with you to offer customers optional refund protection when they buy tickets from you.

If one of your customers does want to request a refund, it’s easy for them to submit via our online platform. They can submit the information we need digitally, and we make it our mission to process all approved refunds within 48 hours. Our team, based in the UK, respond effectively no matter what time customers send their refund request to us. That’s why we’ve achieved over 3,000 reviews on TrustPilot, giving us an overall Excellent five-star rating.

Networking worldwide

You’ll also notice our Booking Protect team are keen travellers. We attend conferences around the world to give expert talks on customer service, and regularly take part in panel discussions with world leaders in the industry. Our Business Development Director, Cat, is even on the INTIX Board of Directors along with other experts from around the globe.

It’s vital to us as a business to truly understand the industry and the issues impacting the world of ticketing. That’s why we travel to international conferences, from the Ticketing Professionals Conference Australia right through to Tessitura Europe Conference.

Our team also enjoy visiting our international customers. Cath Healy, our Business Development Manager, has spent weeks in New York travelling to meet clients from across the pond. We’re all about delivering top notch customer service, so it will come as no surprise that we want to develop strong, personal and long-lasting relationships with our customers. While we’re grateful that emails and telephone calls allow us to efficiently connect and work with global businesses, nothing beats a cuppa and a catch up with customers and friends from the industry.

Working with the best in the business

You might have noticed we work closely with one of the world’s leading ticketing consultants, Dave Wakeman. As a valuable friend of Booking Protect, Dave helps us keep up to date with the latest industry news and always has his finger on the pulse when it comes to all things ticketing.

Our clients are also leaders in their field. We work with prestigious theatres, stadiums and ticketing platforms to deliver our award-winning refund protection service. It’s a privilege to help our customers offer even more flexibility to their ticket purchasers, trusting us to always provide a fantastic friendly and professional service.

Wherever you’re based in the world, we want to hear from you!

Get in touch with our team or email to find out how we can help generate an additional revenue stream for your business.


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