Simon Mabb’s INTIX preview

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INTIX has been one of my favorite events on the ticketing calendar and Maureen Andersen and her team have done a great job of pulling together some really great sessions for this year’s 40th Anniversary conference in Dallas.

For me it is often difficult to narrow down what I want to see because I have so many sessions with colleagues and friends that I want to check out while also making time to learn new things about technology, tickets, and people.

The sessions involving friends like Nick Begley, Andrew Thomas, and Derek Palmer are musts. On top of seeing these leaders speak, here are a few of the sessions I’m looking forward to as well.

Inspiring and Motivating Your Team to a Brighter Future” with Aren Murray: One of the key ideas that has driven the growth of Booking Protect over the last few years has been our dedication to giving our team the tools that they need to be successful.

Not just technology, but also emotional and personal tools as well.

I’m excited to hear Aren talk about empowering people, putting them in positions to be successful, and helping people grow.

Reaching More Fans Through Ticket Partnerships” looks like a really impressive panel.

One of the key tools in a content producers arsenal is partnership, especially when they open up the ticket sales process to tools that consumers are used to using daily.

I’ll be looking forward to hearing how organizations from the primary and secondary market help accelerate the buying process for their customers, distribute tickets in a manner that gets them in front of customers more readily, and make the purchase process as seamless and simple as possible.

The Value of CRM in Understanding, Engaging, and Keeping Customers” with Katie Sword. At Booking Protect, we have created a proprietary CRM system for our business and it allows us to deliver world-class customer service to our customers on behalf of our clients.

Having an in-house CRM system, I’m always curious to see how people are continuing to evolve in their use of their CRM systems, what they are able to do with these platforms, and how we can discover new ways of improving our own.

To me, the big takeaway that I want is to uncover the right way of that customers use data because we all too often think about using data from our POV and not from the POV of the customer. I think this shift in perspective can produce really valuable insights.

Of course, I’m also excited to give my own presentation, “Enhancing the Customer Experience and Using Customer Review Sites” which will be on Wednesday on the Vineyard Pre-Function Stage from 10:50-11:05.

You will also be able to catch up with the Booking Protect team at Booth 204 right across the walkway from the Ticketmaster stand. Come catch up with me, Cat Spencer, and Dave Wakeman and have a chat about your organization, your customer’s buying habits, and improving your revenues.

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