Six steps to delivering great customer service

Keep it simple, treat customers with respect and always put yourself in their shoes!

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about customer service and its importance.

You can read case studies and whitepapers, stats and surveys. But you can only truly understand the importance of treating your customers exceptionally once you start giving it a go yourself.

Here are our six top tips to achieving a great standard of customer service:

  • Keep it simple    – The simpler it is for a customer to contact you the more likely they are to have a positive experience.
  • Be empathetic  – Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, how would you want to be treated?
  • Personalise – Treat each customer individually. Everyone’s experience with you will be different, so recognise that.
  • Act quickly – Resolve customer service requests like lightning. If that isn’t possible, make sure you are clear about your timeline and deadlines.
  • Communicate – Share the actions being taken, and any challenges you may be facing. Keep focus on resolving the request for the customer whilst keeping them in the loop.
  • Hire correctly – Your people should genuinely care about the customer and consistently demonstrate this in their service. Look for people who are friendly, empathetic, quick at thinking on their feet and flexible.

Simple steps normally sound too good to be true. But if you take time to focus on your customers rather than solely your own business goals you could see your sales take off – and your reviews improve too.

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