What Thanksgiving means to Booking Protect

This Thanksgiving, we ask what this special holiday means to our team.

The COVID-19 pandemic somewhat dampened our celebrations in 2020, but this year we hope to bounce back twice as hard. We cast our minds to how our friends and partners in the sector have continued to work together and remain hopeful throughout this year’s difficulties. Festivals and theatres seem to be coming back with a vengeance; never before have we seen such a thirst for live entertainment. Our venues been an inspiration to all of us.

This Thanksgiving, I ask the Booking Protect team to share what they’re most grateful for:

Cat Spencer, Business Development Director

I’m thankful for the extra family time in 2021; I’ve been able to spend more time with nieces. Now’s also a great chance to say thank you to the team I work with being such legends even in a difficult period early in the year and then our busy period recently.

Matt Dickerson, Creative Artworker

This month I finally moved into my new home, so I’m in the process of painting and decorating. Therefore I’m thankful for my health and for taking this next big step. I’m also thankful for all the hard work Booking Protect has done this year, the support they’ve provided, and the wide range of opportunities they’ve given me to flex my creative muscles. I hope next year will even more productive.

Dale Barfoot, Web Developer

I understand so many people have been struggling this year so I’ve been very aware of how lucky we are. At Booking Protect we have been able to work inhouse throughout the pandemic. Thankful for having such a good team around me, my great colleagues have kept me smiling throughout 2021 and I’m looking forward to further growing the team next year.

Cath Healy, Business Development Manager

This year I’ve been keeping an eye on our recovery out of COVID. We’re all very grateful to live here in the UK with the amazing National Health Service. I’m thankful for mine and my close family’s wellness and being able to get out and see some shows. I can already tell next year is going to be jam-packed with live events for me.

Ollie Calvert, Head of Brand and Marketing

I am grateful this year for the opportunity to get out and enjoy nature. I’ve been walking out in the English countryside and I’ve finally visited Ireland. I’ve spent plenty of time with my loved ones and my dog Harry has really enjoyed our recent adventures.

Oliver Campbell, Group Social Media Executive

Having just started in the role in September, I’m thankful for the opportunity to progress. I’ve learned a lot already and I’m really gelling with my teammates. I recently got engaged, so you could say this year I definitely one to remember and be thankful for for me.

Jody Hudspith, Refunds Administrator 

I’m grateful for my friends and family being healthy, and for my amazing little boy who brings me such happiness in these crazy uncertain times!

Hayley Fowler-Rimell, Head of Business Development

I’m thankful for the time I’ve had with my family, and also to opportunity to do the activities I love this year, such as dragon boating. I’ve attended many events late into the year and I hope to attend many more!

What are you celebrating this Thanksgiving?

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