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We spoke to industry experts about their thoughts on the future

We chatted with industry leaders to gather their thoughts on what the future of live entertainment is likely to look like.

As we talked with people, we came to realise that there isn’t one definitive direction.

In fact, we have come across the reality that if you ask 100 people, you are likely to get 100 different answers… sure, many of them will have a tinge of similarity, but they are all unique.

The variety of ideas demonstrate that no one has a monopoly on live entertainment’s future. Now’s your chance to think about your own ideas for the industry and bring them to the table. There’s no better time to make your mark!

What are the top thoughts for the future?

The live entertainment industry is changing

19% of professionals cite live entertainment as being a movable and fluctuating industry. There are so many changes on the horizon. Experts predict that the industry is, well, unpredictable.

Technology is on the rise

22% of respondents agreed that technology would play a big part in the future of live entertainment. From the introduction of VR to new ticketing technologies, our experts gave various glimpses into a tech-fueled future.

Experience is king

The rising importance of experience dominated 34% of opinions. Many agreed it’s no longer enough to concentrate on flogging a product or show – customers want a first-class experience, from the moment they hear about an event right through to the communication afterwards. And the trend for demanding new, exciting and high-quality experiences can only increase. 

Other hot topics amongst industry experts include the need to diversify and offer new and innovative ticketing options. Generally speaking, all ideas go hand-in-hand: as technology evolves, so naturally does the customer experience. And this will lead to a constantly changing industry as event professionals strive to keep one step ahead and continually impress and surprise its customers.

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