The difference between refund protection and ticket insurance

We offer one of the world’s most comprehensive and flexible refund protection product. Booking Protect provides money back if someone is no longer able to attend an event. Therefore, our partners and their customers often assume we are an insurer or offer a ticket insurance product. But that’s not quite right.

About our refund protection product

We enable our partners to offer a service to their customers, which is essentially an enhancement in terms and conditions. Standard ticket terms and conditions are normally non-refundable. Our product gives these T&Cs a boost, meaning customers can claim a refund in certain circumstances.

From our partners’ viewpoint, enhanced terms and conditions are offered at an additional fee, and it’s entirely optional whether customers accept it or not.

Why is this not ticket insurance?

Individual insurance policies are not set up or sold. Customers are simply benefiting from enhanced terms and conditions.

Could I not sell refund protection myself? 

It’s possible to offer amended terms and conditions yourself, but then funding and administering all the refund requests would also fall to you. We make the process easy, acting on your behalf to administer refunds for these amended terms and conditions.

Remember – our partners are not selling ticket insurance

Our partners don’t need to be registered to sell insurance. They are not selling an insurance product to customers. They are offering enhanced terms and conditions for an additional cost.

So where does insurance come into it?

Booking Protect arrange an insurance policy to pick up the liability that Booking Protect has against the refunds issued for our partners. That means our partners have peace of mind that their customers’ money is in safe hands, and refunds will always be handled and paid out fairly.

We hope that makes things a little clearer! For more information on Booking Protect and our refund protection product, please get in touch with our team.


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