Trusting your customer reviews

We discuss our experience with customer review site Trustpilot.

So you think your business is doing well. But how are you measuring this? You may be just looking at your profit margins, which is a fine metric, but what about measuring customer satisfaction through customer reviews? 

A happy customer is worth their weight in gold. A study by American Express suggested that over 50% of customers would cancel a purchase because of poor customer experience. It’s true – customers are more than prepared to take their business elsewhere, not come back and certainly not recommend you to other potential buyers. 

Your product might be fantastic, and the service you’re offering might be unique and efficient. But if your team don’t provide the friendly, professional, flexible service customers are looking for then you’re probably not making the profit you could be. 

You’re not a mind reader. If a customer seems happy and satisfied at completion, it’s easy to be complacent. Here at Booking Protect, we think it’s important to be a bit more proactive. 

That’s why we use Trustpilot to help identify what customers are really thinking. We ask customers to tell us what they honestly thought of their experience. It’s not just an ego boost – if we can find out why someone’s not 100% happy, we can work to improve our processes and better our business. 

Here are some crucial stats about our time with Trustpilot… 

In under four years we’ve received 3730 customer reviews. 92% of these reviews are four star and above – with 84% giving us that prestigious five star review. 

You’ll read our review feed now and think we’ve always been on a roll. But, alas, these things take time! Let’s take a whistlestop tour through our Trustpilot history to show you exactly how much hard work and dedication is needed to get your review site up off the ground. 


Booking Protect first launches our Trustpilot page. Throughout the year, we gather 136 reviews. Less than half of these are five star reviews. 

Our five star review of the year…

Thank you great job! I’m overwhelmed by how they handled my requests and refund. So the bad feeling about not being able to be part of the chosen Festival is at least eased. Never without Booking Protect again.


We see a staggering 744% increase in the number of reviews left on our Trustpilot page. This year, we also see a boost in the number of five star reviews left for us, too. 

Out of 1,149 reviews, 977 of them were five star. That’s 95% over four stars! 

Our five star review of the year…

Absolutely excellent company to deal with. My refund was dealt with very fast, and I was kept up to date with messages. I have already recommended this company to my friends and will continue to do so.


We achieve another annual uplift in reviews. 86% are five star reviews, and over 94% of these reviews are over four stars. 

That means that, altogether, we’ve racked up 2514 five star in just a couple of years. 

Our five star review of the year…

Honestly I’m pleasantly surprised by how smooth and simple the application process was. And also how quickly my entry was refunded with appropriate documentation. Appreciate it very much!

COVID-19 strikes in 2020

The number of customers buying protection and making refund requests has understandably dipped. The theatre and live entertainment industry has come to a bit of a standstill. 

Despite this, we were still here to support customers who weren’t able to attend an event due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances. 

In 2020 we gained a further 744 reviews, with almost 90% of these four stars or higher. Even in difficult times, we’ve continued to support our customers.

Our five star review of the year…

Within a day of putting a claim in I had heard Booking Protect would view my application and within two days they had processed my payment! Will definitely purchase the refund protection again!

Consistency is the key to securing good customer reviews

Over the years, Booking Protect has grown and evolved. We’re a bigger team, with a much larger customer base. We process vast numbers of refund requests each year. Yet our level of high reviews has remained consistent through the years. This is testament to the hard work of our team, and our focus on getting to know our customers. 

Can you trust your customers?Of course you can! Listen to your customer feedback and they’ll thank you for it. If you want to know more about the benefits of using a customer review site, check out our blog.


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