Wohlfühl-Tipps für die Live-Unterhaltungsbranche

Werfen Sie einen Blick auf unsere fünf wichtigsten Tipps, um das Wohlbefinden am Arbeitsplatz in Ihrem Live-Unterhaltungsbereich zu verbessern.

We frequently talk about improving customer experience… but what about employee experience?

The live entertainment industry is a rewarding sector to work in, and offers several benefits to employees. Flexibility, creativity, relaxed environments… however, there’s no denying working in the live entertainment industry can be stressful.

Late nights, long shifts, loud environments… it’s no wonder many venue workers feel a lack of control over their wellbeing. Wellbeing in its purest form is a feeling of all being well. The four pillars of wellbeing include: Physical, Mental, Social and Financial. It’s important to consider each of these aspect when putting together a strategy to look after your staff.

If you own or manage a venue, there are many practical steps you can take to help ensure a greater sense of workplace wellbeing. Research shows that happy and healthy employees are more engaged and productive at work – and this positivity passes on to their customers. Put simply, happy employees equal happy customers. And this can only be a great thing for your business.

Here are our top five quick tips to enhance wellbeing and create a positive workplace culture at your venue:

1. It’s time to talk

Encourage employees to openly discuss their mental health and share their issues/worries with management. Train managers and Wellbeing Champions to be able to confidently discuss mental health with their team and signpost them to additional professional help. A change in workplace culture won’t happen overnight but stick at it. Make sure you lead from the front – the more senior leaders and managers discuss mental health, the more likely it is for employees to open up too.

2. Monitor shifts

Make sure your employees aren’t overworked, and don’t put pressure on your team to take on extra shifts. Be aware of legislation and regulation around working hours, to make sure you’re never putting your staff under unnecessary stress. It’s also a good idea to speak openly to your team about the rota, so they feel accommodated and included.

3. Taking time out

Breaks are an important part of any work day. In the live entertainment industry, your team may be skipping breaks, not eating properly or taking breaks “out front” such as eating in your venue’s café or restaurant. Create an inspiring staff break out area for your team to relax and refresh before the next stage of their shift.

4. Provide the perks

You know the ones. Free fruit, subsidised vending machines, water coolers. Help your employees stay on top of their nutrition and hydration, and let them know you care!

If you want to go one step further, you could introduce wellbeing training such as finance management training and specific health seminars to educate your employees and empower them to look after their own wellbeing.

5. Look after your team’s physical health

Standing up for long periods of time, or being in a loud environment for too long can cause physical problems for your team. Make sure chairs and noise defenders are available if needed.

Make sure your risk assessments are up to date, and consider undertaking a wellbeing risk assessment too. This will help to identify key problems and discover ways to mitigate risks. Get the whole team involved so your staff have provided their feedback and insights, too.

Booking Protect has partnered with Wir fühlen uns wohl to offer an employee wellbeing programme at a discounted rate for our customers. We Are Wellbeing will gather insights on what areas of wellbeing your team wants to focus on, and develops a responsive wellbeing strategy. This includes seminars, manager training, 1:1 sessions and even annual health checks. Many of these services can be delivered remotely, so the We Are Wellbeing experts can help you wherever you are in the world.

Let the experts take the lead. In Kontakt kommen with the Booking Protect team to find out how to help keep your employees happy and healthy.


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