Why we’re partnering with We Are Wellbeing to offer an exclusive wellbeing package

We've partnered with We Are Wellbeing to give new and existing customers an exclusive free wellbeing package.

The arts industry is facing tough times ahead. Theatres and other live entertainment venues across the globe have been forced to close for the foreseeable future as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

This has left many managers and business owners in turmoil, with a widespread feeling of uncertainty. Such worry and anxiety is bound to have an impact on arts professionals and employees around the world. But how can businesses support their people?

We’re proud to work with so many fantastic arts and entertainment organisations, all of whom organise events for the community and fellow creatives. These businesses employ dozens if not hundreds of talented people. Many of these professionals are now furloughed, temporarily laid off or have even been made redundant. Now is the time for arts organisations to support their people and show genuine care for their wellbeing. And we’re setting out to help businesses do just that. 

How we can help

Booking Protect has partnered with wellness provider We Are Wellbeing to offer an exclusive wellbeing package. This package is available for free to all new and existing Booking Protect customers. 

The wellbeing programme starts with a Wellbeing Insights Survey to help ascertain what areas of wellbeing employees need the most support with. It also includes a series of 12 Wellbeing Insights webinars, plus bespoke live webinars tailored to an individual organisation’s needs.

These services are invaluable for employers and employees alike. They provide an opportunity for businesses to better understand their teams, and put measures in place to support them. This will, in turn, help to create a positive and engaged workplace culture that will thrive once live entertainment venues are able to reopen. From the perspective of an employee, receiving invaluable wellbeing support can make all the difference throughout such dark times. 

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