What are the stages of customer experience?

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Your customer’s experience doesn’t just start when they make a purchase or engage with you. First, they had to find you. Whether it’s a tweet or an article they read linking back to your website, your customer’s experience starts at the awareness stage and builds rapidly from there.

It’s your job as a service or product provider to make the whole customer experience journey seamless, simple and positive.

There are three main stages to consider: pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase.

  • Pre-purchase: your customer first discovers your products or services, and begins gathering information
  • Purchase: they make a purchase decision and begin the process
  • Post-purchase: your customer receives the product / service and begins using it

At every one of those touch points, your business needs to make sure customer experience is positive. What do your customers need at every stage and are you providing it?

Each stage is just as important as the other, but the post-purchase phase is often forgotten. The customer’s made their decision, and they’ve got what they asked for. Job done, right? Making sure you touch base with each customer to show you care about their experience can make the world of difference. This ensures you maximise any positive experiences and have the opportunity to turn things around if they don’t go so well.

Over this blog series we’ll be taking an in-depth look at each of the main stages of the customer journey. We’ll offer advice on how to maximise your opportunities to build a positive experience for your customers.

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