What Matters in Ticketing Now? Download our ebook!

We ask industry experts from around the world to answer the question "What Matters in Ticketing Now?"

We ask the question “What Matters in Ticketing Now?”

The live ticket sector is constantly evolving. We know providing exceptional customer service is key to connecting with customers, increasing retention rate and growing your brand. But new technology will cause disruption within the industry, too.

To coincide with the Intix 2020 Conference, we worked with our friend Dave Wakeman to produce our new ebook.

We brought together over 40 industry experts from across the world to ask about the trends impacting the ticketing industry.

And now we’ve collated these opinions into our very own ebook, providing a selection of thoughts and opinions on the future of selling and marketing tickets.

Download our ebook now to discover the answer to “What Matters in Ticketing Now?”