Why Customization Matters To Today’s Buyers

In today’s ticket-buying market, buyers can become overwhelmed by the number of options that are available to them because there are just more options for entertainment than ever before.

Couple this increased selection with the reality that many venues put their offerings on sale further into the future than ever before, it creates an environment where buyers are more reluctant to pull the trigger on a purchase than ever before.

These are definite reasons that it has become more difficult to close sales, but let’s look at this from the flip point of view and see how offering some sort of customization can increase the likelihood of a sale.

Customization can offer more security: One of the best ways to help create a positive call to action through customization is by offering refund protection or exchanges on tickets or experiences purchased.

In many situations, tickets for a show or a holiday package may be booked a year in advance. For most people, planning that far ahead can be difficult especially in situations involving children, job changes, or illness.

By making the offer of an exchange or refund protection, you can give your buyers greater security in the purchase process because the decision becomes not one of whether or not they can make a plan for a year down the road, but whether or not this is really something they want to do. Because the protection of knowing that if some change in circumstances takes place can give people more comfort in planning further in advance.

Customization can allow people to tailor their experience to their needs: Another way that customization helps consumers pull the trigger on their purchases is by giving them greater flexibility in creating an experience that is custom to their situation.

Just as offering booking protection gives people a sense of control and peace of mind that if something comes up and gets in the way of their trip or event, allowing flexibility in the customization of a purchase can make people more apt to buy early.

These customizations can go from the small things like offering pre-paid parking at a venue, dinner reservations at an attached restaurant, or intermission drinks all the way up to much larger items like a complete holiday bundle.

By giving your guests different ways to experience your events, you give them more ways to say, “yes” to a purchase.

Customization can grow trust: As our lives become more complex and we have grown accustomed to businesses using high-pressure sales tactics to get us to click the “buy” button, customization can give people a different experience.


By offering your guests a customized experience, you are putting your faith in them to know what they want and this often leads to higher sales. A few recent studies showed that customization and personalization of the buying experience led to a 20% increase in revenues and that by personalizing your outreach it increases the likelihood of a response by 26%.

This is really important because we know that today’s consumers are hit with over 10,000 demands for their attention each day and to keep ourselves from going nuts from all the ads, we have become incredible at blocking them out. So any tool we have that is useful in cutting through the clutter should be something we think about consistently.

Overall, customization can be boon to your organization for any number of reasons, but the main one is because it really works and allows people to feel like they are the ones that are in control of their purchases and not just being manipulated by an algorithm or deceptive piece of “click-bait”.


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