Booking Protect scores 9 out of 10 for workplace wellbeing

Booking Protect's workplace wellbeing initiatives have led to a rise in employee happiness.

Our employees scored us 9 out of 10 for our health and wellbeing focus, according to our wellbeing report. This is a huge uplift of 22% compared to 2018, thanks to the implementation of brand-new workplace wellbeing initiatives.

These include partnering with hero wellbeing, who provide an exclusive wellbeing app, annual health checks and on-site seminars. This is all in addition to our ongoing wellness programme, which includes Pilates and mindfulness classes, lunchtime walks and access to free counselling sessions.

Our employees have experienced a 16.5% increase in physical activity compared to last year, with a 7% decrease in people who sit for 10 or more hours. This shows the positive impact of our wellbeing initiatives. They encourage our team to leave their desks at lunch and use their free time productively to stay healthy and active.

63% of our employees take part in our wellbeing initiatives, a 13% increase in participation compared to last year. As a result, our employees rate their happiness 9.5 out of 10 – and this is a positive state of mind that’s reflected in the service we provide our customers.

100% of our team would recommend Booking Protect as a great place to work! Our team are well-known amongst clients and their customers for being friendly, hard-working and responsive. The team must be empathetic but incredibly organised to provide top notch customer service. We’re not rated Excellent on Trustpilot for nothing!

If you want to work with our award-winning team, get in touch. We offer refund protection for your customers, acting as an extension of your business, so you should always work with a team you trust.


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