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You’ve nearly done it, everyone! The Christmas break is almost here.

In our humble opinion, everyone should be in the festive spirit by now. If you can’t let loose and enjoy yourself a little at this time of year, when can you?

That’s why we’re giving you not one, but two chances to win some money this week.

And what’s more, we’re doing it on LinkedIn!

We know what you’re thinking; leave that fun stuff for Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is a place for work, not for messing around having Christmassy fun.

Well you know what? Booking Protect says ‘Bah Humbug’ to that!

We’re running our competitions on LinkedIn because we know that you guys deserve it. You’ve worked so hard this year planning events, marketing your venues, selling your tickets – you deserve the chance of a little reward.

So yes, we are breaking the ‘no fun on LinkedIn’ rule. And we’ll probably do it again next year as well.

How do you enter/win?

We’re running two competitions this week and they’re both incredibly easy to enter.

We start tomorrow with a ‘find the Santa’ hunt on the Booking Protect website. Then later in the week, we’ll be asking you for your best answers to a very important question (more to follow).

There’s nothing difficult about either competition. At most, we’ll ask you to send us a message/email with your entry answer.

Oh, and a share of our competition posts, so other hard workers can join in the Christmas fun too.

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a little windfall from Booking Protect?!

Merry Christmas everyone, now come back to this LinkedIn page tomorrow morning and let’s get this party started.

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