What is Refund Protection?

The 7 Simple Steps of Refund Protection

Booking Protect’s refund protection gives ticket purchasers the opportunity to apply for a full refund if certain unforeseen circumstances occur and they can no longer attend an event. Booking Protect’s refund protection covers the widest available list of scenarios, offering a sensible solution of financial protection for event goers.


Unforeseen circumstances can include injury, accidents, pregnancy, transport failure, bad weather or other situations. Our refund protection can cover all elements of a booking, including tickets, travel and accommodation.


Customers must make a refund request via Booking Protect’s refund portal. Our in-house team handles the whole process so there are no unnecessary queues or waiting around. We strive to make refund protection as simple and easy as it should be, offering equal accessibility and fairness to all ticket purchasers.


At Booking Protect, we answer ‘What is Refund Protection?’ by laying out the basic steps of the process…

Step 1

Vendor activates booking protect at no cost to them

Step 2

Customer makes a booking and adds refund protection

Step 3

Something goes wrong and they don't make it

Step 4

Customer requests a refund with booking protect

Step 5

Our friendly team process the refund

Step 6

Approved refunds are paid within 48 hours

Step 7

Customer is happy with excellent overall experience

Booking Protect’s refund protection is hopefully straightforward to understand. If you are unclear about any of our conditions, our account managers will be able to answer any specific queries. Alternatively, please review our full list of terms and conditions.

Refund protection is not mandatory, however it is highly recommended by money-saving experts. It must be purchased during the original order, alongside the ticket, please get in touch with us if this was missed.

The Booking Protect team will review applications and provide a refund within 48 working hours.

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