Partnering with Booking Protect couldn’t be easier. We work with you at every step to make sure you have the technical tools, the business cases, and training to make a partnership valuable.



“The Booking Protect proposition is market leading and without comparison anywhere in the World. Booking Protect offers the customer the best product (even covering pre existing medical conditions). They provide our clients with great service and commission. We also make a very good return on the time that we invest. To illustrate this further, we have recently redesigned our sales process based on guidance from Booking Protect and we have seen a significant increase in revenues across all territories. The team at Booking Protect have turned Ticket Protection from something we just supported to an active and serious revenue programme for Audience View Inc.”

Mike Evenson
Vice President Marketing, Audience View

“We have been really happy customers of Booking Protect. We are not only making money, we have very few of our customers concerned about not having received coverage when their reasons were legitimate. I have to thank the Booking Protect team for that.

As we’re such good providers of customer service I worried there may be serious problems, as most so-called insurance companies will try to wiggle out of their obligations. We have had none of that with Booking Protect; I have not had a call from an upset customer. We share in the revenue and it has been very easy for both us and for the customer. We have had no issues at all – the people are nice to work with and it was easy to set up. I would recommend BP to anyone.”

Jim Aldridge
General Manager, TicketKing

“Booking Protect is added incentive for our patrons to protect their purchase. The process was easy to implement, seamless and efficient for the customer. Every organization should take advantage of this added revenue stream.”

David Cushing
Vice President Ticketing, BroadwaySF

“We first collaborated with Booking Protect in 2014 to give our festival-goers the option to add refund protection onto theirs orders. The product has consistently achieved a positive take up rate from our customers, and with the team at Booking Protect handling all refund applications, we benefit from knowing that all cases are being handled by a competent team, whilst generating us a healthy revenue stream.

As a result of our great experience with Booking Protect so far, we recently entered into a new 3 year partnership.”

Zack Sabban
Founder & CEO, Festickets

“We at Nightout have been using Booking Protect for well over a year now. Not only has their service been a great value-add all for of our ticket buyers, they have also been there every step of the way to help us – and our customers – through issues and provide quick solutions.

We’re thankful for Booking Protect for offering our business with a seamless solution that not only helps our buyers but also considerably increases our upside. There are a handful of partners we consider to be crucial to our business and Booking Protect is not only one of those, they’re one of our favorites.”

Dusty Stutsman
CEO, Nightout

“The decision to offer ticket protection was made easier when we met the team from Booking Protect.Our business model is similar to EventBrite, so anyone can list any type of event without our intervention. We have over 30,000 events listed per annum, and initially we were nervous about negative feedback from our clients and customers alike. 

As I write this, we have not had one single complaint, or any negative feedback from clients or customers, and our average conversion is 30% across a diverse range of events from Music Festivals to Triathlons, and Legal Conferences. I would highly recommend the Booking Protect team. They are professional, highly competent and are always at the end of the phone if we need them.”

Kenton Ward
Co-Founder & CEO, BookitBee Limited

“We’ve found working with Booking Protect has been really efficient and easy. Whenever we have a query, or a customer asks to cancel claiming they’ve booked the product in error, it is dealt with quickly and efficiently. It has been a great service to offer our customers as well as an additional source of revenue for our venue.”

Christine Swain
Colston Hall

“Like many theatres, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances other than cancellation. While this protects us, it can cause disappointment and even animosity between our patrons and us. So when I discovered there was a way to not only offer our customers refund protection, but also do so in a way that involved absolutely no work for our staff and generated us additional revenue, it was an absolute no-brainer.

It actually sounded too good to be true… but the results speak for themselves and since going live we have seen revenue increase month on month. Booking Protect are a fantastic team to work with and I would happily recommend – even insist – that any venue considering working with them should do so without hesitation.”

Caroline Lawrence
Head of Marketing, The Roses

“We’ve been using Booking Protect for over 2 years and have found it a great and useful product. Booking Protect has been especially helpful during the winter months where we’re now able to refund customers who are unable to attend events due to extreme weather conditions. 

The Booking Protect team has been extremely easy to work with and have always quickly and efficiently resolved any issues we have had. Booking Protect has proven to be a great additional revenue stream for our organization with very little extra work required on our part.

Genevieve Shappell
Director of Ticketing, The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts

“We’re deligthed to be working with Booking Protect – and to be the first property management system to launch their refund protection cover to the holiday rental market. We’re always looking for innovative ways to help our customers save time and also make our business more profitable, and Booking Protect’s refund protection product ticks both. The team are friendly, professional and provide fantastic customer service.”

Robert Kennedy
Managing Director, SuperControl

“Through our booking system provider Supercontrol, we were introduced to Booking Protect, and specifically the Refund Protection product, to enable us to offer an even better service to our customers. As the largest independent holiday lodge booking agent in the Lake District, we had experience of guests cancelling their stays sometimes at very short notice. Our terms and conditions mean they do not always get a refund.

We have always encouraged people to take out appropriate cover in case something were to stop them taking their holiday, however the vast majority overlooked this. Some form of protection is not on most people’s agenda when they stay in the UK. Until now!

We now give all customers the option to purchase Refund Protection for peace of mind and it forms part of our booking process every time. Because the product is easy to arrange and understand we find a good take-up rate, particularly with online bookings.

 Add to that the easy-to-use back office functionality and great support from the team at Booking Protect, and we have a product in which we have great confidence. Not forgetting the nice monthly income we receive for providing the service too!”

Mark Holdcroft
Managing Director, Lake District Lodge Holidays

“We added Booking Protect ticket refund protection to help us better manage customer requests for refunds due to extraordinary circumstances. Like all venues, we had a “no refunds” ticket policy. But things happen and people ask anyway. It made us look bad (and our staff hated being the bad guys) to refuse refunds when illness, death or weather were factors in a patron’s inability to attend a show.

Booking protect not only allowed us to provide our patrons with a way to protect themselves in case of emergency, it also gave us an independent party to pass those refund requests to. It immediately relieved our staff of the burden of either saying no to a customer or defending a ticket refund to our artists, managers and rental clients. And it created a significant new revenue stream for the theater with absolutely no work.

It has generated good will (we have had NO complaints about Booking Protect’s handing of our customer refund requests), kept staff moral high as they don’t have to be the bad cop anymore, and earned us $20,000 of new income.”

Randy McKay
Executive Director, Jefferson Live!

“We have been delighted with Booking Protect. It was especially useful when coping with the “Beast from the East”! We have had a lot of positive customer feedback on this and it has generated a lot of income for us, with customer claims handled swiftly and efficiently by Booking Protect.”

David Downie
Sales & Ticketing Manager, Aberdeen Performing Arts

“ initially began a partnership with Booking Protect so that a key client in the endurance space could offer refund protection to their participants.

It’s working so well that we now offer Booking Protect as a simple switch-on option to all of our endurance clients that meet the criteria. The application interface (API) means we can track sales and make adjustments easily, and the Booking Protect team are always on hand to help us out.

It really helps our clients as they don’t have to spend time dealing with refund requests any more, and they are guaranteed to keep the entry money as Booking Protect take the risk for the payouts.”

Jaromír Horák
General Manager