Frequently Asked Question’s

Booking Protect refund protection is an optional service offered to customers through our partners’ websites at the time of booking. Purchasing refund protection through Booking Protect allows you to request a full refund in the unfortunate event that you have to cancel due to any of our predefined covered circumstances.

In order to apply for a refund through Booking Protect we require our online refund application to be submitted. To create and submit a new refund application, please click the following link, When on this page, please follow the option to ‘Sign Up’; or alternatively you can Sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts.

The evidence we request will vary depending on your circumstance. Please see the terms and conditions highlighted on your booking confirmation.

We will review new applications within 48 working hours. If you have supplied all the relevant information, we can agree payment within that time. If we are missing something, we will respond to you and process all further received correspondence within 48 working hours of receipt.

Once your application is approved you will be notified and asked to choose your preferred payment method out of our payment options. Once you have chosen how you’d like to receive your refund and entered the information we need, your payment will be made within 48 working hours.

  • All sensitive data is encrypted at rest using AES with a 128bit key
  • Communication channel are secured using a minimum of TLS 1.2 (SHA256-RSA)
  • All sites provide a Content Security Policy (CSP) header
  • We implement user authentication (SCRAM & OAuth 2.0) and role-based access controls across the platform
  • Data is only stored as long as required to service the customer, for audit and fraud prevention purposes

There are several ways you can get in contact with us.

Get in touch

Once you have logged on you will be able to use the chat facility within your application.


Our LiveChat facility is available between operation hours and can be used to communicate directly with one of our refund’s handlers. LiveChat is useful is you have any questions regarding your refund or require assistance. The option to connect with one of our agents via LiveChat should appear in the bottom right of your page when operational.

Write to us

If you’d prefer to get in touch via mail, please feel free to write to us at our address below;

Booking Protect Ltd
Romero House
8 Airport West
LS19 7ZA
United Kingdom