Our Service

We provide a complete refund protection administration service

Sales Solution

We have developed a Protection Platform to administer the sales of Booking Protect, which you can connect to via a very simple rest API and we have code libraries and documentation to support this.

Refund Management

The refund application process is administered by Booking Protect on your behalf. We will receive, acknowledge, handle and pay refund applications directly to your customers.

Admin Panel

Our Protection Platform is very intuitive. You can login and review real time sales performance comprehensive analytics, amend pricing, review claims and review finance reports.

Product Development

It’s crucial that you offer a product that’s suitable for your customers. We have comprehensive refund protection products, with pre-defined circumstances in which you can offer a refund. If you feel your customers need something different then we will work with you to define and source the right product for you to offer your customers.

Sales Process

The responsibility for the sales process is yours. We will work with you and make recommendations based on our experience.


We will work together to design a pricing strategy that is suitable for your customers, covers the cost of the product and generate incremental revenue.

To find out more about our services, or to see how else we could help you, simply get in touch

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