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Welcome to our Partner Page!

Whether this is the first time you’ve heard of us or you’ve been aware of Booking Protect for a while, we hope this page helps you gather a good understanding of Refund Protection and how our partnership with SuperControl can bring great value to both your business and your guests.

We’ve been partnered with SuperControl for over 6 years, so activating Refund Protection is a quick and easy process for you. Once you choose to enable Booking Protect within SuperControl, we will deal with all aspects of the refunds process, taking all the hassle away from you. Plus, you’ll even earn additional revenue on every sale of Booking Protect.

So, who are Booking Protect?

Booking Protect are a Refund Protection specialist working globally to support accommodation providers of all shapes and sizes. 

The product we provide gives guests the opportunity to add protection during their booking process which then enables them to request a full refund from Booking Protect should they, or anyone in their be party, be unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances. Along with our platform being multilingual and supporting all currencies, we also offer the widest range of cover in the market, giving your guests total peace of mind should the worst happen and they be forced to cancel their booking.

What are the benefits of Refund Protection?

  • Guests can book in confidence, knowing a refund can be requested if something goes wrong
  • Additional revenue generated through every sale 
  • No set up costs or hidden fees
  • Save time – refund requests are handled completely by Booking Protect

  • The full booking value is covered
  • Fast refund turn-around time as all refund requests are reviewed within 48 working hours
  • Track sales and commission in real-time through a dedicated Booking Protect dashboard

Along with the above, we are one of the only providers to cover pre-existing medical conditions. In a world learning to live with an ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we also cover cancellations due to guests or their family members falling ill with Covid-19. Read more about our coronavirus guidance.

For more detailed information on what we protect, please see our full Terms and Conditions.

What does the guests experience look like?

Guest will be presented with the option to purchase Refund Protection during the online booking process.

The Booking Protect fee is automatically calculated as a % of the booking value, as seen in the screenshot below.

Guest makes an informed decision on whether they’d like to purchase protection or not.

If Yes, the guest continues through the booking journey as normal and pays the Booking Protect fee directly to you.

The guest is then immediately protected should the worst happen and they be forced to cancel their booking.

Example of Booking Protect during the SuperControl booking journey:

The cost of refund protection will always present during the online booking process along with a copy of our Terms and Conditions, and the guest will always have to make a yes/no informed choice on whether they want to purchase refund protection before being able to complete their booking.

How does it work?

We will:

  • Provide you with your unique account credentials to input into your SuperControl dashboard.
  • (Once activated) Check everything is working correctly on your website and send you all the resource you need to work with our product.
  • Invoice you monthly for our share of the Booking Protect fees collected in the previous month.
  • Provide a portal for you to log into and view live Booking Protect sales, commissions, invoices, and reports.
  • Keep you up-to-date on the refunds we’re paying by enabling instant and weekly refund reports.

Guest will:

  • Opt in (or not) for Booking Protect when making a booking online or over the phone.
  • Receive confirmation of their Booking Protect purchase within the booking confirmation email you issue (including a link to our Terms and Conditions and Refunds Portal).
  • Contact Booking Protect directly if they need to make a claim.

You (the accommodation provider) will:

  • Complete our simple set up steps (as below), allowing us to issue your unique account credentials.
  • Offer Booking Protect to your guests online (and over the phone if you wish).
  • Have visibility of all product sales activity via our portal.
  • Pay our monthly invoices (by direct debit).
  • Retain commission on every sale of Booking Protect.
  • Receive instant notifications of any refunds we’ve paid, along with weekly reports including details of any refunds paid in the last 7 days.

Setting up Booking Protect

To get up and running with Booking Protect, please complete the form below. Our team will then be in touch with the simple steps required to activate!

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Frequently asked questions

The product is activated by you within your SuperControl dashboard. Once you complete the above form (under ‘Setting up Booking Protect’), our team will be in touch with the simple steps required to go live with Booking Protect.

See below an example of how Booking Protect appears to customers during the online booking process via SuperControl.

If a guest purchases protection, they go through the booking process as usual and pay the Booking Protect fee directly to you.

We will invoice you on the 1st of each month for our share of the product sales made in the previous month, whilst you retain a percentage of the product sales as a commission. Invoice payments are collected by direct debit within 7 days of you receiving your monthly invoice.

The customer pricing will be shared and agreed with you prior to you activating Booking Protect. 

Our product is designed to complement your own terms and conditions. Booking Protect protects your customer and their ability to use their booking, taking over what the customer would have been liable for based on your terms.

In the event of a refund, your customer submits a refund application directly through our online refunds portal and we handle the whole process. 

All refund applications are reviewed within 48 working hours and providing we have everything we need at this stage, the refund will be processed within this time frame.

We keep you up to date by sending you instant notifications and weekly reports on the refunds we’ve paid.

Yes, if a customer changes their mind, the protection can be cancelled and refunded within 14 days of the purchase date (cooling off period).

Useful Documentation

Product Pack

Please note, the integration with SuperControl is already built, so the Go Live process on Page 11 can be ignored!