Who is responsible for delivering great customer service?

Your whole team should be responsible for delivering great customer service. Read on for top tips on how to make this happen.

Every person working within your business has a stake in customer service, directly or indirectly.

It could be the people manufacturing your product or delivering your service. Maybe the front-line staff selling to your customers. Your complaints department supporting your customers. Your CEO at a conference. The marketing team responding on social media.

Everyone influences the ultimate experience the customer has with your business.

Customer service should be important to each and every person within your business

It’s important that this is a top down mantra, delivered from the senior team and flowed down through the business.

Building customer centric experiences at the core of your business leaves your staff in no doubt as to how important this is to their role.

The culture of strong customer experience should be an embedded one. You’re not just chasing good reviews (though this is a great way to build up brand positivity). You should genuinely care about your customers and their journey. This authentic way of thinking gives a business integrity – and your customers (and competitors) will notice.   

Incentivise your workforce to deliver positive experiences

A happy and motivated staff base will inevitably have a more positive outlook. They will have a great attitude towards their work and will deliver more for your customers. At Booking Protect all our customer service team have two main objectives – making the correct coverage assessment and delivering a five-star customer service.

This workplace culture then has a snowball effect. A great number of positive experiences drives a great number of positive reviews, further enhancing a positive perception of your business and driving customer growth.

Here at Booking Protect, 95% of customers give us 4 stars and above. Business has grown by more than 100% in the last 12 months, with most of our new partners now signing up due to a recommendation from another partner.

This shows the circle of positivity and how great experience isn’t just best for customers, but best for the business too.

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